The 1982 Ressi Raiders Basketball Teams

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1981-82 Ressi
 Raiders 5th graders.

5th Grade Boys

Kneeling: Anthony Acquaro, Joey Bruno, Brian Murphy, Will Eichler, Frank Fontana, Marco Fusaro.
Standing: Bobby Bernotas, Steve Hartz, Joe Bolla, Greg Sestilli, Barry Gibson, Steve Routh, Coach Ron Brown.

1981-82 Ressi
 Raiders 6th graders.

6th Grade Boys
Diocesan Champions!

Sitting: Bobby Bernotas, Steve Hartz, Greg Sestilli, Darren Thomas.
Kneeling: Mario Panucci, Frank Battista, Steven Rossa, Mike Brown, Kevin Klodowski, Jimmy Walsh.
Standing: Father Francis Gallagher, Sister Claudia Stehle, Glen Brown, Chris Sestilli, Dave Binkowski, Coach Angelo Masullo Sr, Father John Marcucci. Missing is Coach John Boris Sr.

Resurrection Boys Capture Diocesan Championship 31-26.

After finishing second the past two years, Coach Ang Masullo and his 6th grade basektball team proved the third time to be the charm as they defeated St. Teresa's of Perrysville 31-26 to capture this years Diocesan Championship.

Resurrection started slowly in their quest for the top prize in 6th grade basketball, losing two of their first seven games. Coach Ang Masullo remarked, "I,d be glad to finish 7-3 in our league and make the playoffs." He did more than that. Resurrection finished the season with a superb 35-2 record.

Ressi rolled through Section South 1A with a perfect 10-0 record, their closest margin of victory being by 17 points. This set the stage for the playoffs with Ressi meeting perennially tough St. Teresa's.

Ressi held a 24-point halftime lead before finally nailing down a 47-30 victory. Step two in their march for the championship had them facing St. Germaine's of Bethel Park. Ressi was never threatened in scoring a 51-27 victory.

This set up their 3rd playoff game, with St. Simon and Jude, a team which had defeated Ressi by three points only two weeks before. Showing tremendous improvement from the beginning of the season, Ressi thoroughly thrashed St. Simon and Jude by the score of 49-34 while holding a lead as great as 24 points late in the third quarter.

Three down and one to go!

St. Teresa's had rolled through the playoffs averaging better than 55 points per game. This coupled with a 42-1 record created quite a formidable challenge. After a close first half Ressi, with Chris Sestilli controlling the middle and dominating the play, pulled away with a 31-26 victory.

Steve Rossa handled the ball flawlessly, scoring from long range while dishing out assist after assist to Chris Sestilli and Dave Binkowski. Dave, after being called for three personal fouls in the 1st quarter, returned in the second half to be the games 2nd leading rebounder and second leading scorer.

Not to be forgotten was the defensive effort Mario Panucci did on St. Teresa's leading scorer, who had been averaging 29 points per game. Mario held him to three field goals for a grand total of six points.

Frankie Battista formed the other tandem at guard making several key steals and keeping the defense honest by hitting several outside shots. Jimmy Walsh and Mike Brown both came off the bench to lend an important hand in this super victory. Jimmy scored three key baskets while Mike spelled Mario off and continued the super job of defense on St. Teresa's leading scorer, scoring a key basket in the process.

Because of the closeness of this game several members of this championship team did not see any action. But without their effort both during the season and at practice you can bet Ressi's record would not have been 35-3. They pushed the starters all year during practice and contributed when they were called upon during the season. These young men were Darren Thomas, Glen Brown, Kevin Klodowski, and 5th graders Greg Sestilli, Bobby Bernotas and Steve Hartz.

Ressi ended the season on an up-tempo, capturing the St. James of Wilkinsburg tourney. To prove their Diocesan Championship wasn't a fluke, Ressi again defeated St. Theresa's of Perrysville in the championship game.

Dave Binkowski,
 Chris Sestilli and Coach Angelo Masullo.
Dave Binkowski, Chris Sestilli and Coach Angelo Masullo after
the final game. Chris was named tournament MVP.

Two players received honors at this tournament. Dave Binkowski was selected to the all-tourney team while Chris Sestilli was selected as the tournament's MVP. Chris was ultimately chosen to participate at Shaler High School where he proved why he is considered by coaches as the premier 6th grader in the Diocese by scoring 28 points. This was accomplished in only two quarters of play!

It can be honestly said that Resurrection was the #1 team in the entire Diocese since they also had defeated the Class B champion, St. Angela of White Oak by 20 points.

What is Coach Ang Masullo's secret? Most people say it's his dedication to the youth of the Brookline community, whether it's basketball, baseball or any other activity in which he is involved.

It's also his ability to remain a friend to the hundreds of young men he has in some way been involved with. More than that, its the respect that these boys have for Ang, whether they're 6th graders or seniors at the local high schools. If you've participated in basketball or baseball in Brookline, then you've had to have met Angelo Masullo.

Three cheers for the sixth grade Ressi Raiders, rulers of the Diocese and masters of their craft. And hats off to Coach Ang, the community leader, manager and coach, for helping the youth not only of Resurrection, but of the entire Brookline community.

* Reprinted from The Brookline Journal - April 29, 1982 *

1981-82 Ressi
 Raiders Boys Varsity.

Boys Varsity

Kneeling: John Wiegold, Joe Coyne, Pat Borelli, Paul DePasquale, Mike Moffat, Pat Manning, Bill Wertz.
Standing: Coach Ken Jagielski, John Boris, Ralph Cerminera, Rich Surdzial, Chris Sestilli, Don Jakubowski, Mark Boris, Manager John Bolla.

1981-82 Ressi
 Raiders Girls Junior Varsity.

Girls Junior Varsity

Kneeling: Kim Marcione, Kelly Wallace, Christine O'Leary, Laurie Zucco, Regina Erny.
Standing: Rita Gossett, Amy Barrett, Liz Miller, UNKNOWN, Sue Jakeubowski, Coach Jack McGee, Joy Erny.

1981-82 Ressi
 Raiders Girls Varsity.

Girls Varsity

Kneeling: Cindy Miller, Susan Zirpoli, Diane Cross, Nuoug Nguyen, Barbara Walter, Deana Murgi.
Standing: Lisa Bernotas, Lisa Maraldo, Debbie Pavicic, Bobbilynn Mohoska, Chris Gossett, Melanie Zablotny, Coach Mark Stabryla.

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