Resurrection Elementary - Class of 1996

Resurrection Class of 1996

Here's a 1996 graduation photo from Resurrection Elementary School.

This was the final graduating class from Resurrection Elementary. In 1997, the school doors closed in leiu of the merger with St. Pius and Our Lady of Loreto that created Brookline Regional Catholic. The school is still used for CCD classes and some public school programs, but Resurrection Elementary School as we knew it ceased to exist.

The students pictured are:
First Row: Pam Buchheit, Valerie Ducouer, Dena Muscarella, Dawn Lauda, Christina Longol, Erin Forney and Lisa Wingertsahn.
Second Row: Christina Crothers, Dominic Battista, Sean Fitzpatrick, Brian Stotlemeyer, Ray Doria and Dan Healy.
Third Row: Sara Cirelli, Robin Schwartzmiller, Matthew Joseph, Jennifer Hauck, Patrick Reilly, Shana Totino and Amy McNulty.
Fourth Row: Christopher Nardozzi, Bob Downey, Matt Morroway, John Heinrich, Jonathan Stanton, Greg Murtaugh, Jaymie Jedlick and Paul Muha.
Fifth Row: Father Grosko, Jennifer Flavin, Nadia Abbondanza, Ryan Law, Ryan Piagessi, Sister Lynn and Patti Joseph.

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* Photo provided by Resurrection Archives *

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