Resurrection Elementary School
Dapper Dan Roundball Practice - March 31, 1977

Resurrection Elementary School - 1977.    Resurrection Elementary School - 1977.
Eugene Banks of Philadelphia (left) and Albert King of New York practicing at Resurrection gymnasium.

On Thursday, March 31, 1977, promoter Sonny Vaccaro rented out the Resurrection gymnasium for a day of practice for the visiting high school basketball players from around the country who were participating in Pittsburgh's 13th Annual Dapper Dan Roundball Classic. It was a special day as the country's elite college prospects were here in Pittsburgh for the premier all-star game of that era.

Word got out among the community that the best of the best were in action at Resurrection, and soon the gymnasium was packed with spectators. Mixed in were a few press reporters and cameramen who came to get a preview of the upcoming attraction.

Among the crowd was twelve year old Larry Meyer, who couldn't help but the give United States star player Wayne McCoy a lesson on ball-spinning. Other future stars practicing that day included NBA legend Eugene Banks and Pitt basketball great Sam Clancy, who went on to a long career as a defensive end in the NFL.

Resurrection Elementary School - 1977.

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