Elizabeth Seton High School
Scholarship Winners - 1951

Elizabeth Seton High School
Scholarship award winners - 1951

This photo shows the seven incoming freshmen who were awarded scholarships to Elizabeth Seton High School for the 1951/1952 school year. They are, left to right, Joan Sieber, Paulette Setler, Mary Agnes Nichols, Katherine Garrick, Jean Boggs, Marsha Kirsch and Lucinda Dinger.

Five achievement scholarships were also awarded to the five highest rankings students in each class.

In the sophomore class the awards were given to Charlene Trichtinger, Shirley Tarcak, Mary Jo Donovan, Nancy Reinstatler, Laverne Palumbo and Carol Miller.

Juniors receiving scholarships were Betty Keifer, Carol Ramasin, Nancy Austin, Joan Werneth and Carmella Petraglia.

Nine members of the senior class were also awarded scholarships. They were Marilyn Sieber, Eileen McNamara, Mary Rita Grattan, Anne Fitzgerald, Patricia Coyne, Catherine Stoyle, Geraldine Paull, Catherine Seli and Jane Haney.

* Photo from Brookline Journal - 8/20/51 *

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