Elizabeth Seton High School - 1950

Elizabeth Seton High School - 1950

Here is a photo of Elizabeth Seton High School as it appeared in 1950. Located on Pioneer Avenue, this local parochial school was for girls only; boys went to South Hills Catholic High School.

Purchased in 1941 from the city of Pittsburgh, the building was renovated and dedicated as Elizabeth Seton High School. Originally, this was the site of West Liberty Elementary School. West Liberty was the first, and at one time the only, public elementary school in the South Hills section of Pittsburgh. The schoolhouse was constructed in 1898.

In the early 1950ís a new addition was added to provide a convent for the sisters teaching at the school, a school chapel, two classrooms, a typing lab, a science lab, an auditorium, and a cafeteria. Most of the classrooms remained in the original building and a tunnel was built to connect the two buildings.

The original school building was demolished during January and February, 1971 so that work on a new Classroom Complex, which began in 1970, could be completed. The new Classroom Complex was dedicated on May 23, 1971. The final graduating class was in 1979, when Elizabeth Seton and South Hills Catholic merged to form Seton-LaSalle High School.

Today, this is the site of the Seton Center, a child and adult day care and fellowship institution run by the Sisters of Charity.

Note: Back in the 1910s, prior to the building of the United Presbyterian Church on Brookline Boulevard, the West Liberty United Presbyterian congregation held their services in this building.

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* Photo provided by Marlene Curran *

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