West Liberty School Class 8B - 1928

West Liberty School Class 8B - 1928

Pupils of the 8B Class at West Liberty Elementary School are only one semester behind the 8A Class students of the school whose photo ran in The Press yesterday. The 8B students will enter the South Hills High School next fall. Members of the 8B Class are shown in the top photo.

The lower photo shows three students of the school who spank the piano for their schoolmates to march in and out of the building at specific times during each school day. The pianists shown, left to right, are Thelma Glaze, aged 11, of the 7B Class, Loretta Grimm, aged 13, of the 7A Class, and Betty Falk, aged 12, of the 8B Class. Thelma and Betty play alto-soprano duets on the piano for the students to march by one week and Loretta handles the keys single handed each alternating week. They play very well and the children have no trouble in keeping in step.

One of the 8B students was absent when the class picture was made. The absentee was Florianna Vachino.

Teachers who instruct 8B pupils of the West Liberty School are Helen Gleason, Edith Debola, Bertha Taylor and Ruth G. Golden. Mary J. Harkins is head teacher at the school while Joseph F. Moore is principal. Moore is also principal of the Brookline Elementary School.

Students of the 8B Class shown in the top photo, left to right, are: Front row - Dorothy Kearns, Emma Flanders, Virginia Walter, Betty Falk, Susie Olivetti, Edna Tucker and Stella Machay. Middle Row - Bianca Nardei, Virginia Kiesel, Verda Sill, Julia Vanire, Marguerite DeGruttola, Dorothy Schenk, Louise Narde, Ruth Zimmerman and Catherine Yoders. Back Row - Ralph Wright, John Donley, Anthony Vachino, Walter Keiner, William Sands, Jack Critellow, Charles Allers, James Rice and Richard Begly.

* Copied from the Pittsburgh Press - December 10, 1928 *

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