Brookline Youth Soccer Association
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BYSA Soccer - Opening Day 1999.

Soccer is the fastest growing sport in America, and the same can be said right here in Brookline, where soccer fever is highly contagious. The Brookline Youth Soccer Association has been a fall tradition since 1982.

The program, which runs from August through November, attracts hundreds of local youth ages 5 through 18. A traveling spring program was instituted in 2001 and over the years it has been very successful.

BYSA 1987

For seventeen years, from 1982 through 1998, the Brookline soccer program played their games at the Community Center fields in Brookline Park. Then, in 1999, the games were moved to Moore Park.

Every fall weekend, Moore Park is alive with activity. Games run from morning until evening. The action is fast and furious. It's a great way to promote health and fitness.

For three decades, the family-oriented Brookline Youth Soccer Association has provided a quality recreational alternative for the children of Brookline. The program is well-managed, safe, and competitive. It is one of our community's best assets.

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A Glimpse Back at Brookline Soccer from 1989 to 2000


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Thanks to the following individuals for contributing to this short history of the BYSA program: Brookline Library Staff, Bob Beveridge, Steve Buchheit, Moe Buskirk, Hank Carik, Michael Denham, Mike Fry, Jay Germeyer, Sue Grabowski, Bob Hayes, Jon Hensel, Richard Kaplan, Mary Jo Khadem, Jody Lackey, Jim McClelland, Erin McNulty, Mary McNulty, Jack Miller, Kathy Miller, Dave Osterman, Louise Pallone, Mike Palmer, Paul Palmer, Maureen Pollard, Chris Rossetti, Kathy Rudolph, Bridget Ryan, Mike Ryan, Tom Stephenson, Tom Walsh and Gail Wolfe.

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