Brookline Neighborhood Trivia
70 Questions to test your knowledge of the Brookline community - Past and Present
The majority of facts can be found in the Brookline Connection website.

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1. Brookline's community picnic is held each year at Kennywood Park. Prior to the 1980s, the picnic was held at ______________ Park, located in Bellevue, which featured rollercoasters named The Dips (or "Big Dipper"), The Racing Whippet and The Greyhound (or "Little Dipper").

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2. Due to overcrowding at West Liberty School, what local public elementary school opened in 1909, built the previous year at a cost of $30,000?

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3. Brookline has three designated city parks, Moore Park, Brookline Memorial Park and ___________ Park, located at the corner of Queensboro and Brookline Boulevard. The park is the site of the Brookline Veterans War Memorial, and also the resting place of what well-known World War II relic?

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4. Brookline Boulevard was once home to two movie theatres. Can you name them?

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5. For over half a century, Brookline travelers were connected to the city of Pittsburgh via a 600 mile network of trolley lines. Rail traffic in Pittsburgh peaked during the war years of the 40s and 50s, then slowly declined in favor of new bus routes. The Brookline trolley, which travelled West Liberty Avenue and Brookline Boulevard made its final run on September 3, _____. Can you name the Brookline route number?

     <Answer #5>

6. Brookline has a large Catholic population. Resurrection Church was organized in 1900 with a membership of 65 families. Resurrection Parochial school opened in 1912. By 1953 the congregation had grown to 2600 families. What local catholic church, and school, was built in 1955 to ease the overcrowding congregation and student population at Resurrection Parish?

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7. The Brookline Branch of the ___________________ opened in 1930 and was located in the basement of the building once known as the Brookline United Methodist Church, and now the home of the Metro Assembly of God.

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8. The Brookline Chamber of Commerce, a local organization made up of Brookline business owners, was once known as the ____________ ___________ _________ Association, chartered in 1929. The first unofficial meeting was held in the basement of Bryant's Hardware, which for 60 years was an organization member.

     <Answer #8>

9. In the 1930s and 1940s, there were three saloons located on the 500 block of Brookline Boulevard. Can you name them?

     <Answer #9>

10. For many years, Mom's, or the "Little Store", on Pioneer Avenue at Metz Way was the closest store for many Brookline residents that live near Moore Park. The store had been in the Lagattuta family for many years, and well-known to anyone who has grown up in the area. However, few of us ever called it by its proper business name, the _____________ ____________ Market.

     <Answer #10>

11. The corner of Stebbins and Brookline Boulevard has been home to a variety of pharmacies over the years. The most recent was the old CVS Pharmacy, and prior to that was a Revco. For fifty-odd years prior to 1996 there was Stebbrook Pharmacy. What was the name of the pharmacy that occupied the building prior to Stebbrooks?

     <Answer #11>

12. The construction of the current CVS Pharmacy at Pioneer and Brookline Boulevard required the demolition of three boulevard buildings that had stood for nearly a century. There was a hardware store, a pharmacy (had been closed for some time) and a pizza place. Can you name these businesses?

     <Answer #12>

13. On January 7, 1965, a group of concerned citizens representing several local organizations met at the home of Ruth O'Hanlon to exchange ideas on what Brookline could do to establish better communication with government agencies that provided support services to the community. Their focus was the problem of increased population, traffic congestion, neighborhood crime, and the lack of adequate education and recreation facilities for the children and elderly in our area. Out of that meeting came the local organization known as the __________________________________.

     <Answer #13>

14. Beginning in the mid-1940s, Brookliners saw a need for a first class facility where the youth of the community could congregate for dancing, sports and recreation. Twenty-five years of hard work and planning were rewarded on July 25, 1969 with the groundbreaking for what building?

     <Answer #14>

15. For nearly a century prior to 1945, the East Brookline land that is now Brookline Memorial Park was privately owned by a local pioneer family and was referred to as the ______________ Farm. Purchased for $20,000 in 1946, the land was slowly transformed into a recreation area for the Brookline community known for many years, and still referred to by many, as the ________________ Center.

     <Answer #15>

16. In 1951, John Pascarosa organized the Brookline Little League Association with help from well-respected Brookliners like Joe Powers, Bud Auen, Jim Klingensmith, Morris Grummet and Harry Conners, to name but a few. Mr. Pascarosa was the first president of the Brookline Little League Association, but another man has gone down as the "Father of Brookline Little League baseball." Can you name that man?

     <Answer #16>

17. On May 31, 1973, a fire on Brookline Boulevard gutted three buildings, including Tryson's Shoes and Sesto's Barber Shop. These buildings and one other, Zitelli's Boulevard Gardens, were torn down to make room for what housing and parking complex, opened in 1982?

     <Answer #17>

18. Name the first league president of the Brookline Knights Football Association, organized in 1974? Extra Credit: For the first season, in 1974, the team went by a different name. Do you remember the team name?

     <Answer #18>

19. From 1957 to 1970, he was the community recreation director at Moore Park, and from 1971 until his retirement in 2003, __________________ was the recreation director at the Brookline Memorial Recreation Center at Brookline Park.

     <Answer #19>

20. Near the turn of the 20th century, the Brookline area was primarily a prosperous ________ and ________ community.

     <Answer #20>

21. In 1763 Indians went on a rampage and killed all white settlers except those who escaped to Fort Pitt. Afterwards, the first permanent settlers in the Brookline area came from southeastern Pennsylvania and Maryland. Many of these hardy settlers were veterans of what war of independence?

     <Answer #21>

22. One of the early Brookline pioneers were the Fleming's. Their home, located on the grounds now used by St. Pius Parish/School, included an elevator to accomodate daughter Lydia, who was unable to walk. The Port Authority's "Fleming" stop (once for streetcars and now used as a bus stop) is named for this pioneer family. Also, a side street in the area of Brookline School is named for daughter Lydia. Can you name this street?

     <Answer #22>

23. ___________ Avenue was established in 1797 as the State Road from Pittsburgh to Washington and was later known as the upper road from Boggs Mill and also the Coal Hill and Upper St. Clair Turnpike road. It was an artery of major importance because it connected the old township road (Warrington Ave) with the Morgantown Road (Banksville Road).

     <Answer #23>

24. The area known as Brookline was incorporated into the city of Pittsburgh in 1908. The community was made up of parts of three distinct municipalities: ___________________ Borough, ________________ Township, and ________________ Township.

     <Answer #24>

25. The original West Liberty School, located on Pioneer Avenue, was one of the first public schools in the Brookline area. It was closed in 1938 and the building sold. That structure was purchased, renovated and dedicated as ____________ __________ High School in 1941. A $500,000 addition was completed in 1953. The final graduating class was in 1979, after which the school merged with tow other local area parochial high schools. Extra Credit: Can you name the other two high schools involved in that merger, and finally, what was the name given to the new high school?

     <Answer #25>

26. ______________________________________ Church was organized in 1906 as a mission in a private home on Bodkin Street. The congregation moved into its new home on Brookline Boulevard in 1929, when their new church was erected. A subsequent addition in 1960 gave the church grounds its present day appearance.

     <Answer #26>

27. The Brookline Little League entered its 50th season in 2000. After all those years, only one team sponsor remained from the original group of Brookline business boosters. Can you name the remaining original sponsor, who is still active today in the year 2005?

     <Answer #27>

28. At the corner of Glenarm and Brookline Boulevard is a Co-Go convenience store. Before being a Co-Go the store was a Stop-N-Go, erected in 1985. Prior to that year, and dating back over 40 years, that corner was the site of ______________________________.

     <Answer #28>

29. In October of 1966, the Brookline Community Center Association sold the 16 acres of land that is now Brookline Memorial Park in East Brookline to the city of Pittsburgh in order to take advantage of development funding from the state and federal government. To date, the city has spent millions of dollars developing and maintaining the park. What was the price tag of the land sold by the Community Center Association to the city of Pittsburgh?

     <Answer #29>

30. Brookline is a well-watered area, 1250 feet above sea-level, consisting of many springs, creeks and ponds. Some could say Brookline was lined with brooks. The community was named after what American city, also known for its abundance of streams?

     <Answer #30>

31. Back in the 1800s, West Liberty Avenue was originally known as ______________ Run.

     <Answer #31>

32. Before the building of Brashear High School in the late 1970s, Brookline residents were offered two choices for a public high school education. Can you name the two high schools?

     <Answer #32>

33. Brookline's engine house was built in 1909 and went into service in 1910. The firefighters were originally equipped with a horse drawn steam pump and wagon. Prior to the advent of fire alarms, the firemen had to post lookouts in the tall tower of the building to spot smoke. The tower served a dual purpose. Can you name the second reason for having such a tall tower?

     <Answer #33>

34. Former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sports writer ______________________ wrote the Brookline Little League round-ups for the Brookline Journal for twenty years from the 1950s through the 1970s under the alias of "Mas Neyrb". He returned in the 1980s to write for a new neighborhood publication known as "The Journal."

     <Answer #34>

35. From 1931 through 1983, Brookline had its own weekly news publication, called the Brookline Journal. Since 1983 there have been a number of startup publications, but none has caught on with the community as well as the old Journal. Can you name the long-time editor of that neighborhood newspaper?

     <Answer #35>

36. The Brookline Boxing Club was one of the most successful clubs in Western Pennsylvania for nearly half a century. Coach Chuck Senft and several generations of Brookline boxers have a trophy room full of Golden and Silver Gloves championships to their credit. The club itself, and the individual fighters, were known to their fans as "Charlie's ________."

     <Answer #36>

37. Starting in 1982 Brookline has been the host of what annual 5K fitness run/walk that begins and ends in Brookline Memorial Park?

     <Answer #37>

38. The Brookline area spans two distinct wards in the city of Pittsburgh, both served by a different district justice, one on Brookline Boulevard and one on Brownsville Road. Name the two wards.

     <Answer #38>

39. After the Port Authority's bus route realignment in the early 1990s, the Brookline area has been serviced by the 41D Brookline and 41G Dormont buses. Prior to that realignment Brookline was serviced by four distinct PAT bus routes. Can you name the four routes?

     <Answer #39>

40. The highrise apartments at Breining Street and Brookline Boulevard sits on land that once was the site of the East Brookline Shopping Center. In the late 1960s and early 1970s the shopping center consisted of a Coin-Op laundramat, a Dry Cleaners, an Open Pantry grocery store and Manco's Pharmacy on the corner. Before it became Manco's, what was the name of the corner drug store?

     <Answer #40>

41. What legendary NFL quarterback, known for his hightop cleats and his passing exploits as a member of the Baltimore Colts, lived on Berkshire Avenue as a child?

     <Answer #41>

42. What former Brookline resident, at age 26, led the Pittsburgh Triangles professional tennis team to the WTT championship finals as a coach, then died tragically the following year, prompting the mayor of Pittsburgh to dedicate a day in his memory and name a Brookline baseball field in his honor?

     <Answer #42>

43. What radio personality from the 1950s and 1960s, known by his fans as "The Daddio of the Raddio," makes his home right here in Brookline?

     <Answer #43>

44. After the turn of the century, population growth in the Brookline area and the South Hills in general was accelerated by the building of the _________________, in 1904, at the South Hills Junction, which helped bring consistent and reliable mass transit to the South Hills communities. Growth was further promoted in 1924 with the completion of the ___________________, which made vehicular traffic to and from the city much quicker.

     <Answer #44>

45. ________ Institute, a training school for boys run by the Capuchin Fathers, was chartered in 1941. The Institute was closed in the early 1970s.

     <Answer #45>

46. What Brookline resident, who was an All-American basketball player in high school and college, an Olympic gold-medalist in 1988, and a 1st team All-WNBA selection in 1998, capped off a stunning professional comeback by being named the Post-Gazette's Dapper Dan award winner along with co-winner Mario Lemieux in 1999? Today, in 2005, this individual is now a head coach in the WNBA, adding Coach of the Year honors in 2004 to an already incredible resume.

     <Answer #46>

47. ________ ______, located on Capital Avenue, opened in 1974 and is one of the few pizza shops that DO NOT deliver because of their extraordinarily high volume of walk-in business. Extra Credit: Can you name the pizza shops that were at this location prior to 1974?

     <Answer #47>

48. Brookline Boulevard once had several drug stores that had the old style soda fountains. Eventually, all had closed except one, owned by a man many knew only as "Herkie." The business remained open until 2003. Can you name that drug store?

     <Answer #48>

49. Sam Bryen Fields in Brookline Memorial Park have been the yearly venue for the Brookline Little and Minor League baseball tournament since 1982. Each year, teams from around the local area gather for two weeks in July to dual for the coveted championship trophy. Who was the original organizer/director of the tournament?

     <Answer #49>

50. Built in 1939 and located off Pioneer Avenue, _______ ______ was Brookline's first official recreational park, with an olympic size pool, bathhouse, lighted baseball/football field, children's playground, tennis courts and basketball courts. Extra Credit: What professional team once used the bathhouse as a meeting place to conduct workouts and review game films, back in the 1940s.

     <Answer #50>

51. Prior to 1935, the present-day section of Brookline Boulevard that loops from Pioneer Avenue to West Liberty Avenue was only a streetcar right-of-way. There was no vehicular or horse drawn traffic allowed, only trolleys. In those early days, Brookline Boulevard connected to West Liberty Avenue via what street, which at the time was considered a part of Brookline Boulevard?

     <Answer #51>

52. In the 1950s, Brookline Boulevard's 700 block was home to what bowling alley?

     <Answer #52>

53. Once the West Penn National Bank, then Equibank, then Integra Bank, from the mid-1920s through the mid-1960s the present-day National City Bank on Brookline Boulevard was known as the ________ ________ ______ ________, the neighborhood's first major banking institution?

     <Answer #53>

54. Throughout Resurrection Parish's nearly 100 years in Brookline, due to rapid growth, the diocese created four unique spinoff churches, to ease overcrowding, that are still in existence today. Can you name the four offspring parishes?

     <Answer #54>

55. During the 1970s, the building that houses the Boulevard Ice Cream store, across from the Brookline Library, was the site of what nationally known ice cream chain, renowned for its 51 flavors?

     <Answer #55>

56. Former Brookline resident _________________ was the chief photographer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette during the 1950s and 1960s. His sequential photographs of Bill Mazeroski's famous homerun in the 1960 World Series hang in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. He was also a past-president of the Brookline Chamber of Commerce.

     <Answer #56>

57. The island at Queensboro Avenue and Brookline Boulevard is one of Brookline's three city parks and home to the Brookline War Memorial and the Cannon. Back in the 1910s and 1920s this island was the home of a frame structure for what real-estate company, where potential home buyers could get information on the new homes in the East Brookline area?

     <Answer #57>

58. For three years, from 1958 through 1960, there was a beauty contest for 8-12 year old girls. Eligible girls submitted their photos to the Chamber of Commerce and they were displayed at the Towne and Country Store on the boulevard. Prior to July 4th, the photos were judged by a panel of Chamber merchants. The lucky winners were awarded prizes and appeared at all major community events. Kathleen Knipp, Emily Martin and Donna Marie Lackner were the winners in 1958-59-60, respectively, of what prestigious title?

     <Answer #58>

59. What nationally recognized institution, located in Brookline near Castlegate Avenue from 1908 until 2003, was known for its care and education of children with hearing and speech difficulties? Extra Credit: The renowned Brookline institution moved to its new home in Shadyside in 2003. The buildings were sold and now part of The __________ Center.

     <Answer #59>

60. What school, located near Dunster Street, is specially equipped to deal with the needs of the severely to partially handicapped students in the Pittsburgh area? Extra Credit: In 2003, the school was partitioned and used to create a new Middle School to help ease the crowding at South Hills Middle School. The new school is called ______ _______ _______ ______.

     <Answer #60>

61. As far as we can tell, the oldest business establishment in existence in Brookline celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1905. Originally located in a home on Bayridge Avenue, it is now at 613 Brookline Boulevard. It is still owned by the same family, having been passed down from generation to generation. Can you name this business establishment?

     <Answer #61>

62. What man was the first principal of Brookline Elementary School? This man was also the principal at West Liberty School and Beechwood Elementary in Beechview.

     <Answer #62>

63. Brookline Regional Catholic Elementary School was formed by the 1996 merger of three local parochial schools. Which three schools were merged?

     <Answer #63>

64. What was the name of the first pastor of Resurrection Church, who served from the church's formation in 1909 until his death in 1955.

     <Answer #64>

65. In 1997, in its 47th year of existence, the Brookline Little League finally saw one of its own alumni rise to become the league president. He followed in the footsteps of Morris Grumet, Sam Bryen, Angelo Masullo and Ed Motznik to become the "Grand Poobah" of our neighborhood baseball association. This distinguished alumnus served for five years, from 1997 until 2001. Can you name this man?

     <Answer #65>

66. The Brookline Branch of the United States Post Office, located at 612 Brookline Boulevard, was dedicated in what year?

     <Answer #66>

67. What local public elementary school opened in 1937?

     <Answer #67>

68. What was the year of the Great Thanksgiving Blizzard, that dumped a record 30.5 inches of snow on Brookline and the City of Pittsburgh?

     <Answer #68>

69. Back during the Great Depression, as part of President Roosevelt's initiatives to put unemployed citizens back to work, the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was formed. It was the CCC who carved out the roadways and built the structures that make up South Park. The CCC was also involved in paving the many dirt roadways in Brookline. On many of these roadways they used large rectangular stones that in many cases have stood the test of time and still cover many Brookline streets. Despite their longevity, these stones are murder on tires and car suspensions. What are these rocks called?

     <Answer #69>

70. What Brookline Church, located on Pioneer Avenue and founded in 1904, celebrated it's 100th anniversary in the year 2004?

     <Answer #70>

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