Brookline Boulevard Parade - 1916

Brookline Boulevard, 1916

This photo shows members of the American Red Cross in a parade along Brookline Boulevard in 1916. The photo was taken on the 700 block of the boulevard. The reason for the parade is not noted on the photo. It is most likely either Memorial Day or Independence Day.

Brookline Boulevard, 1916

This second image, taken from the Brookline Methodist Church, shows a large contingent of Red Cross nurses dressed in white as the procession turns onto Wedgemere Avenue, most likely heading to the community park that then stood down the road to the left between Rossmore and Gallion Avenues.

The American Red Cross, including doctors and nurses, was dispatched to the European Theatre of War in 1916, over a year before the American Expeditionary Force arrived.

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* Photos provided by Eileen Shock *

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