Brookline Boulevard - 1928

Brookline Boulevard - 1928.

This is Brookline Boulevard in 1928, looking from the intersection with Flatbush Avenue towards Stebbins Avenue. It was the Roaring Twenties, and Brookline was in the midst of an economic and property development boom at the time.

The streetcar tracks were used by route 39-Brookline of the Pittsburgh Railways Company and, in 1928, were still the main source of transportation for most of the local population. Judging from the many cars parked along the roadway in the image below, the automobile was picking up in popularity.

Brookline Boulevard - 1928.

Several new buildings stand along the commercial side of the boulevard from Flatbush Avenue to Stebbins Avenue, and beyond. These include the Boulevard Theatre, then called the Braverman, built in 1927 and the Brookline Savings and Loan building, erected the prior year, in 1926.

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* Photos provided by Tom Castrodale (upper) and from the Brookline Journal *

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