Depression Era Brookline Boulevard - 1933

Brookline Boulevard, 1933.

These photos show Brookline Boulevard in 1933. The image above shows the Boulevard near the intersection of Glenarm Avenue, near the cannon. There's a wide range of businesses stretching from the Kroger Grocery Store towards Stebbins, including several markets, a cleaning company, an A&P store, news agency, hardware, pharmacy and a laundry.

Brookline Boulevard, 1933.

The second photo shows the storefronts from near the intersection of Flatbush Avenue heading towards the firehouse at Castlegate. The old Brookline Theatre stands up the road a bit, with the marquee out front. Again, the store's have changed but the look of the block remains similar today. The theatre building is now home to the Brookline Pub.

Below is another photo, taken at the Flatbush crosswalk, looking towards Stebbins Avenue. An outbound trolley car has passed Glenarm and is heading towards Stebbins, where a pedestrian is crossing. To the right is the Brookline Savings and Trust building, with it's ornate stone facade. Next to it is the Ben Franklin Store. In 1952 the two buildings would be combined to form the present-day PNC Bank building.

Brookline Boulevard, 1933.

At the time these photos were taken, the country was in the grips of The Great Depression. No one escaped the hardships, including the residents of Brookline. Although the steel and other industrial enterprises that fueled the Pittsburgh economy kept much of the local citizenry employed, the wages weren't great, and everyone struggled to get by.

Despite the problems, Brookliner's kept their chins up and waited patiently for the New Deal of recently elected president Franklin Delano Roosevelt to bring the country out of the economic decline and into a new age of prosperity.

A Kroger Market on Brookline Boulevard in 1933.    Dutch Dry Cleaning Company and another
market on Brookline Boulevard in 1933.
A Kroger grocery store, the Dutch Dry Cleaning Store and another small market along Brookline Boulevard.

The Brookline Pressing Company in 1933.    Bilsing's Meat Market and an A&P in 1933.
The Brookline Pressing Company (now A-Boss Opticians), Bilsing's Meat Market and an A&P on Brookline Boulevard.

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