Grumet's Market - 1950

Grumet's Market - 1950. Owner Morris
Grumet is standing at the entrance.

Grumet's Market was a mainstay on Brookline Boulevard for over forty years, owned by Morris Grumet. The market was originally located at 1162 Brookline Boulevard near the intersection with Whited and Merrick Streets. Grumet eventually purchased the adjacent property, and in early 1950 construction began on a new building with over four times the floor space and an attractive exterior faced with carara glass.

Grumet's Market - 1950. Artists conception
of new storefront proposed in January 1950.

The new Grumet's Market opened later that year at 1160 Brookline Boulevard. The store contained many of the modern conveniences at the time and offered a variety of meats, fruits and other grocery items. This was a time when small markets like Grumet's were the best place to do your shopping, and Brookline had several along the boulevard. Grumet's Market closed its doors in the late-1970s.

As students at Resurrection Elementary, it was forbidden to leave the school grounds during recess, but the lure of Grumet's Market, located just a block away down Clippert Street was too much sometimes. We would sneak away and spend our lunch money on penny candy and treats, then try to make our way back without being spotted by the nuns.

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