Brookline Methodist Church - 1909

Brookline Methodist Church - 1909

A postcard image from early-1909 showing the original Brookline Methodist Evangelical Church, built in 1907 at the corner of Wedgemere Avenue and Fitch Way, just off of Brookline Boulevard. The Brookline Methodists were the communities first organized church, and originally were located at the Knowlson Methodist Church, built in 1868 and located along West Liberty Avenue.

Brookline Methodist Church - 1909    Brookline Methodist Church - 1909
The rear of the original Brookline Methodist Church (left) and the sanctuary, both shown in 1909.

In 1907, the Brookline Methodist Evangelical Church united with the Banksville Methodist and Reflectorville Methodist Churches and moved into their new chapel. The congregation held serves at this small church for the next two decades, until a newer, larger sanctuary was built along Brookline Boulevard in the mid-1920s. The two buildings (old and new church) were attached. The old church building was remodeled and became the dormitory building.

Brookline Methodist Church - 1958
The Brookline Methodist Church in 1958.

In 1930, the Carnegie Library opened a branch office in the basement of the Brookline Methodist Church. In 1942, the library moved to 730 Brookline Boulevard and remained their until 1991, when it moved to it's present-day location at 708 Brookline Boulevard.

The Methodist parish remained at the Brookline Boulevard location until the late-1990s, when the church building was sold. Presently the church is the home of the Brookline Assembly of God Ministry, part of the worldwide Assemblies of God Pentecostal denomination.

Assembly of God Church - 2017    Assembly of God Church - 2017
The rear and front of the former Brookline Methodist Church in 2017. The building now
belongs to the Brookline Assembly of God Ministry.

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