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Week #3 - September 13, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	WEEK #3 - September 13, 2008        @ Steel Valley High School


	Steel Valley 14 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Trevor Hazen, Marshal White, Brent Ivory,
			 Joel Wert

	NOTES: On a wet, muggy day, the offense got mugged by a tough
	Steel Valley defense. The ground game struggled the entire
	day and could gain no traction. Brookline's defense stepped
	up and did their best to keep the Knights in the game. After
	giving up a touchdown on Steel Valley's opening drive, the
	Knights held the Ironmen in check.
	Strong play by DE Marshal White and safety Darryl Daniels
	kept the Ironmen offense off balance. Takeaways by Joel Wert,
	Trevor Hazen, White and Brent Ivory kept the Knights offense
	in business. The Ironmen defense was just too much this day.
	Steel Valley found the endzone again early in the 4th quarter,
	giving them a 14-0 lead. That was all the edge they needed.
	WEEK #3 - September 13, 2008        @ Steel Valley High School

	Steel Valley 20 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Jake Devers, Kenny White

	NOTES: Another tough day for the nine year olds. A recovered
	fumble by Kenny White stifled Steel Valley's opening drive,
	then both teams stalled for nine minutes. With 33 seconds
	remaining in the first quarter, Steel Valley struck. A quick
	screen pass turned into a forty-two yard touchdown. After a
	successful conversion run, Steel Valley held an 8-0 lead. In
	a steady drizzle, the Knights defense tightened up and kept
	Steel Valley's offense at bay. The Knight's offense, however,
	struggled to find their rythym.
	What looked somewhat promising at halftime turned sour five
	minutes into the second half. A Steel Valley runner burst from
	the pack and headed downfield. Forty yards later, a saving
	tackle by Troy Bryant kept the ball in play at the Brookline
	four yard line. Things went downhill from there. The Ironmen
	scored on their next play and repeated on their next
	possession, taking a 20-0 lead with ten minutes remaining.
Cheerleader Madness
	A seven minute Knights drive followed, fueled by long runs
	from Sharron Steave and Demetrius Cotton. The charge ended at
	the Steel Valley four yard line. Brookline had one last chance
	to score when the Ironmen turned over the ball on downs at
	their own 14 yard line with two minutes remaining. The Knights
	made it to the five, but could go no further.
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	WEEK #3 - September 13, 2008        @ Steel Valley High School


	Steel Valley 24 - BROOKLINE 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Taylor Thornton 52 run (Taylor Thornton run)
	Taylor Thornton 1 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Austin Liebro, Stephen Schwartz
	Interception: Amaree Hatcher

	NOTES: This was a good game, despite the final score. Not that
	it was full of great plays, but it showed that our Knights are
	fighters and don't give up. That is almost as good as a win!

	For twenty minutes, the offense fumbled and bumbled their way
	to no gain, while the defense bent to the tune of two Steel
	Valley scores. The halftime score read 12-0, but for these
	Knights, the game was far from over.

	On Brookline's first possession of the second half, Taylor
	Thornton hit his stride and burned the Ironmen with a 52 yard
	touchdown run. A good conversion run by Thornton closed the
	gap to 12-8. The defense forced a punt on Steel Valley's next
	possession. The offense again rode Thornton's legs to a score.
	A one yard plunge put the Knights on top, 14-12.
The referee signals touchdown as
Taylor Thornton (buried under pile)
scores TD to put make score 14-12.
	The fourth quarter began promisingly with an Austin Liebro
	fumble recovery that gave the Knights the ball in good field
	position. Fate saw differently. A botched handoff gave the
	ball back to the Ironmen, who promptly followed with a 55 yard
	touchdown blast. Steel Valley struck again on their next
	possession. Game over.

	For the record ... Adam Tonry played a great game. Bruised and
	battered, with a few injury timeouts already taken to pick him
	up off the carpet, Adam continued through the pain. With Steel
	Valley ahead 18-14, an Ironman punt returner threatened to
	cross the goal line and put the game away. Despite the painful
	shoulder, Adam stopped the runner with an crushing hit that
	registered on the County Airport radar.	The punishing blow
	kept the ball at the one yard line and gave Brookline a
	glimmer of hope. The hit knocked Adam himself out of the game
	for the final time, but his selfless sacrifice has been noted!
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	WEEK #3 - September 13, 2008        @ Steel Valley High School


	BROOKLINE 16 - Steel Valley 0

	Scoring Summary:

	David Suwalski 14 pass from Connor McGinnis
		(Connor McGinnis run)
	Malik Petite 14 pass from Connor McGinnis
		(Joey Kalsek pass from Connor McGinnis)

	Fumble Recovery: Khalil Sanders 
Are these the Mighty Knights
or imposters in Black and Green?
For a while we were not so sure.
	NOTES: Some fans were wondering who the imposters in green and
	black were during the first half. The mighty Knights were as
	stale as a two week old loaf of bread. Mistakes and sloppy
	play kept Steel Valley in the game and almost allowed them the
	game's first score. A roughing the kicker penalty gave the
	Ironmen great field position to start the second quarter.

	Steel Valley took advantage of the free first down. On the
	very next play, a Steel Valley runner broke free and streaked
	towards the endzone. A diving stop by Joey Kalsek at the three
	yard line saved a touchdown. The sense of distress served as a
	wake-up call for Connor and Company.

	As Coach Donnie stalked the sidelines with a vein bursting in
	his forehead, the Knights started playing to their potential.
	Four plays later the ball was still on the 3 yard line and
	back in their hands. The otherwise uneventful half ended with
	no points on the scoreboard. Things would soon change.
Knights defense got tough and stopped
Steel Valley midway through the second
quarter after a first and goal scare.
It was the turning point in the game.
	The second half opened with Khalil Sanders recovering a
	fumbled kickoff. A six minute drive followed. Connor McGinnis
	capped it off by hooking up with David Suwalski for a fourteen
	yard TD pass. A good conversion run by Connor made the score
	8-0. A tough goal line stand by the Ironmen on the Knights
	next drive kept the score close.

	Brookline's defense soon took the ball back from the Ironmen,
	and Connor followed up by connecting with Malik Petite for
	another fourteen yard scoring toss. McGinnis then found Joey
	Kalsek in the corner for the conversion, giving the Knights a
	sixteen point cushion. Coach Donnie's forehead was back to
	normal and sideline etiquette restored, but the silly mistakes
	must end if the defending champs wish to retain their crown.
	WEEK #3 - September 13, 2008        @ Steel Valley High School


	Steel Valley 32 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Tonyea Curry 88 pass from Zach Spath (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Sean Webb
Team Captains Zach Spath, Jacob Lowden,
Nick Sywyj and Ryan Mandarino gather
at midfield for the coin toss.
	NOTES: How many ways can we spell U-G-L-Y? There's only one
	way, U-G-L-Y! This was an ugly game for our older Knights.
	Offensively, the Knights could not move the ball, and
	although the defense tried, they could not stop a Steel
	Valley team loaded with big boys and talented players.
Tonyea 'Plax' Curry wins the race
to the endzone after connecting with
Zach Spath for an 88 yard touchdown
reception. If you missed this play,
you missed the fun. It was perfect.
	Then, from this ugliness came one of the most beautiful plays
	so far this season. At 8:43 in the second quarter, Zach Spath
	hooked up with Tonyea Curry for an 88 yard bomb. Spath aired
	it out and Curry took the ball perfectly in stride. It was
	quite a contrast to the futility we witnessed the rest of the
	game. On defense, kudos to Nick Sywyj, who had two sacks.

	Otherwise, we thinks its gonna be a tough week at practiss.
These girls can perform.
Good work Nicole. They
brightened up the night.
	Nicole's cheerleaders put on a great routine at halftime.
	The girls get the game ball this week for their unending
	spirit and knack for cool acrobatics. They scored big!

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