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Week #4 - September 22, 2012

Brookline Knights

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	September 22, 2012                            @ McGibbeny Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	Thomas-Jefferson 30 - BROOKLINE 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Racari El 65 run (Mario Grannison run)

	Fumble Recovery: Amiri Colbert-Anderson

	NOTES: TJ's Little Jags handed Brookline's Little Knights their
	fourth loss of the 2012 campaign by a score of 30-8. The Jags
	got the scoring started with a long touchdown run. The Knights
	evened the score at 8-8 with a sixty-five yard endzone dash
	by Racari El and a good conversion run by Mario Grannison.
The Knight offense can move the ball
but can't seem to find the endzone.
	Another long run put the Jags back in the lead, 14-8. As the
	first half wound down, Grannison broke free for a fifty-yard
	gain to position the Knights at the TJ thirty-two yard line.
	The drive stalled after another five yards. The Knights entered
	halftime down by only six points.

	The second half saw Thomas-Jefferson score twice to increase
	their advantage to 30-8 while Brookline's offense ground to a
	halt. These Knights are getting good runs from backs Racari El
	and Grannison but can't seem to generate a sustained attack.
	WEEK #4 - September 22, 2012                  @ McGibbeny Field


	Thomas-Jefferson 22 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Brandon Pezzelle 2 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Idris Wilson
Introducing your 2012 Brookline Knights.
	NOTES: The eight-year old Knights suffered their second defeat
	of the season to the Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars, 22-6. While the
	Knight offense struggled to gain momentum, the first sixteen
	minutes of the game were dominated by two long Jaguar touchdown
	drives. The second score came with only fourteen seconds to go
	in the half, increasing the TJ lead to 14-0.
The cheerleaders are doing a great job
keeping the spirit alive on the sideline.
	A fumble recovery early in the second half by Idris Wilson gave
	the Knights good field position, but the offense was unable to
	capitalize on the gift. A turnover gave the ball back to the
	Jags and they went on another march to the endzone.
Brandon Pezzelle puts the Knights on the
scoreboard with a two-yard touchdown run.
	With time running short, Brookline's offense came alive with a
	sudden aerial assault. Quarterback Brandon Pezzele connected
	once with Auggie Foster and twice with Prince Partee, including
	one for thirty yards, to move the ball inside the Jaguar ten
	yard line. Pezzelle capped off the drive with a two-yard burst
	up the middle to put the Knights on the scoreboard.
	WEEK #4 - September 22, 2012                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 12 - Thomas-Jefferson 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Jamyle Liebro 40 run (conversion failed)
	Jamyle Liebro 30 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Ethan Parker (2), Visawn Pennix
Introducing your 2012 Brookline Knights
	NOTES: Coach Bruce and his nine-year old Knights improved their
	record to 3-0, edging out the Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars by the
	final score of 12-6. In a game that seemed well in-hand at the
	mid-point of the second half, the Jaguars capitalized on some
	costly late-game Knight mistakes. They turned what once looked
	like a sure victory into a very close game.

	The Knights offense moved the ball well in the first half, and
	the defense played tough. Supported by two fumble recoveries by
	Ethan Parker, the Knights defenders kept the TJ offense in the
	cage while a touchdown run by Jamyle Liebro staked Brookline to
	a 6-0 halftime lead.
The girls had their work cut out
for them in the second half, helping
to cheer the Knights on to victory.
	In the third quarter, a seventy-yard punt return by Brandon
	McGough was negated by a penalty. The ball was spotted on the
	Jaguar thirty yard line. On the next play, Liebro covered that
	distance with his second scoring run of the game, increasing
	the Brookline lead to 12-0.
Antwain Carter looks for running room.
	Midway through the fourth quarter, with the Brookline reserves
	forming the skirmish line, the Jags struck with a thirty-yard
	touchdown pass to cut the deficit to six points. Visawn Pennix
	recovered the ensuing onside kick. An untimely turnover gave
	the ball back to the Jaguars at midfield.

	The TJ offense made the most of the final two minutes. A couple
	of nice running plays moved the ball inside the Knight redzone.
	With the fans on both sidelines clinging to the edge of their
	seats, Antwain Carter put an end to the hair-raising drama,
	stopping the final running play at the ten yard line. In what
	seemed like a sure thing, the Knights escaped with a 12-6 win.
These Knights are now 3-0.

	WEEK #4 - September 22, 2012                  @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 28 - Thomas-Jefferson 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Mason Ventrone 37 run (conversion failed)
	Marques Watson 3 run (Aidan Logan pass from Nick Roell)
	Mason Ventrone 29 run (Dominic Leonard run)
	Demetri Bose 94 interception return (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Dominic Leonard, Demetri Bose, Hassan Davis
	Interception: Demetri Bose
	NOTES: Coach Donnie and his Wild Stallions racked up their
	fourth shutout victory against no defeats with a bone-crunching
	28-0 win over the Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars. As they had in the
	past three games, the Knights overwhelmed their opponent with
	a well-balanced offensive attack and a hard-hitting defense.

	The Knights took the opening kickoff and wasted no time getting
	acquainted with the endzone. Two power runs by Marques Watson
	set up a thirty-seven yard touchdown dash by Mason Ventrone. 
	Before the first quarter ended, a Jaguar pass found it's target
	and resulted in a chase to the goal line. Ventrone and Demetri
	Bose won that race, dropping that stray cat at the fourteen.
Mason Ventrone is off on his
thirty-seven yard scoring run.
	Brookline got the ball back deep in their own territory and
	went on a long march in the other direction. The drive was kept
	alive by a nifty one-handed fourth down catch by Ambre Hunter
	that put the ball on the Jaguar sixteen yard line. A thirteen
	yard run by Ventrone set up a three yard push by Watson. A good
	conversion toss from Nick Roell to Aidan Logan put the Knights
	up by a score of 14-0.

	With only a minute to go before the half expired, Ventrone
	scored again, this time on a twenty-nine yard run, to give the
	Knights a 22-0 lead going into the intermission.
The halftime routine.
	In the third period, Brookline's offense touched the ball once.
	It was on the conversion attempt after Bose ran an interception
	back ninety-four yards for a fourth Knight touchdown. On the
 	first play of the final period, a wicked hit by John Slebrich
	jarred the ball loose from a TJ runner and it was pounced on by
	Bose, his second takeaway of the game.
Brookline's offense can produce
points in many different ways.
	The Knights reserves did not generate any offensive production,
	but they did manage to hold the Jaguars scoreless to preserve
	the shutout win. For a moment near the end of the game, it
	looked like TJ might score. They drove to the Knight's three
	yard line before fumbling the ball away into the quick hands of
	Hassan Davis. The clock expired shortly afterwards.

	This team just keeps getting better and better. Go Knights!
Coach Donnie's Wild Stallions

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	WEEK #4 - September 22, 2012                  @ McGibbeny Field


	Thomas-Jefferson 60 - BROOKLINE 18

	Scoring Summary:

	Tyler Becher 22 pass from Nathan Ault (conversion failed)
	Jonathan Morin 15 run (conversion failed)
	Anthony Carrington 25 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: L.J. Orbovich
Dominic Emma had a couple nice runs.
	NOTES: Brookline's eleven year-old Knights were stampeded by a
	herd of wild Jaguars. In a game that more closely resembled an
	Animal Planet Third World feeding frenzy, the ravenous beasts
	mauled the Knights by a final score of 60-18.

	The Knights began the game looking good. With the momentum from
	last week's win carrying over, Brookline's offense scored first
	on a twenty-two yard pass from Nathan Ault to Tyler Becher. The
 	Jaguars returned the ensuing kickoff and aced their conversion
	to take an 8-6 lead.
The Jaguars scored eight touchdowns.
	L.J. Orbovich recovered an onside kick and Brookline marched
	downfield once more. Jonathan Morin's fifteen yard sweep around
	left end put Brookline back on top, 12-8. Somewhere around this
	time the Jaguars went primal and the feeding frenzy began. Six
	touchdowns in fourteen minutes put them up 54-12 at halftime.

	With little meat left on the bone, the hungry cats treated the
	second half more like a casual day in the jungle. Each team
	scored once to bring the final tally to 60-18.
	WEEK #4 - September 22, 2012                  @ McGibbeny Field


	Thomas-Jefferson 30 - BROOKLINE 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Quran Powe 70 pass from Brent Ivory (conversion failed)
	Christian Frazier 21 pass from Brent Ivory (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Sharron Steave, D'onte James
	Interception: Quran Powe

	NOTES: Coach Joe and his elder Knights spent a week listening
	to talk about how the Thomas-Jefferson Jaguars were such a big
	and good team. Well, the Jaguars were big, and they were good,
	and in the end they beat the Knights, 30-14.
Knights Pride
	There is, however, more to a football game than winning and
	losing. There's the pride that comes from taking on a challenge
	and meeting it head on. Brookline's Knights did just that. They
	put aside the talk and met the Jaguars on the field of battle.

	Under difficult circumstances, the boys in green and black got
	banged around a bit, and struggled to keep up with the big, bad
	Jags. But, to their credit, they didn't quit, and even managed
	to keep themselves in the game until the final five minutes.

	Thomas-Jefferson built themselves a 14-0 lead on power running
	and a staunch defense. Near the end of the half, the Jaguars
	were driving towards another score when the Knights stiffened
	their resolve. Three nice stops and a sack by D'onte James gave
	Brookline the ball on their thirty yard line with less than a
	minute to play. A quick, seventy yard touchdown toss by Brent
	Ivory closed the point gap to only eight, 14-6, at halftime.
Brent Ivory launched a touchdown bomb to
Quran Powe to close out the first half.
	Two third quarter Jaguar touchdowns increased their lead to
	30-6. Another Ivory scoring toss to open the fourth quarter
	made it a two touchdown game. A TJ turnover on the next series
	gave the Knights a chance to pull closer. A lost fumble three
	plays later ended that opportunity. A final, late-game drive
	into the TJ redzone was interupted by an interception.

	The game ended, as many had expected, with a Jaguar victory.
	But our Knights showed guts and determination. They did not
	back down from the challenge and gave TJ a fight to the end.

	And now for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

	Good - D'onte James played a fine game on defense, with a sack,
	       a fumble recovery and some good hits.
	Bad  - Quarterback Brent Ivory was intercepted six times.
	Ugly - The TJ uniforms. Burn the white pants. Go black or gold.

	Purple Heart Recipient ...

	Early in the game Sharron Steave took several bruising hits.
	After the third, in which he was sandwiched in between three
	big Jags at once, we could feel his pain. We wondered if he
	would even get up. Sharron, looking rather shaken, got to his
	feet and found the huddle. Steave recovered his composure and
	played well, making a couple nice catches later in the game.
The Knights cheerleaders are
always on top of their game.

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