Brookline Knights Football Association
The 2009 13-Under Brookline Knights
Record: 11-0

They Were, Simply Put, Awesome

On November 15, 2009, the Brookline Knights 13-Under team capped off an undefeated season with an 18-8 triumph over the Southside Sabres to capture the SSYFL championship, aptly dubbed The Super Bowl. The ultimate death match was played out under the lights at Montour Stadium on a chilly Sunday evening.

The dastardly Sabres became the eleventh and final victim to fall before the Mighty Knights on Brookline's path to glory. Cheered on by their loyal fans and cheerleaders, the boys in green and black stole the show, then basked in the limelight. We are the Brookline Knights! We are the champions! We ARE the best! Oh, how sweet it is!

Conditioned and tuned to perfection by Head Coach Don Helman and his staff, and fueled by a talented group of skilled position players, this indomitable force sliced through the regular season competition with uncanny ease.

The offensive was powered by quarterback Jerrad Tuite, running backs Michael Ignasky and Dominick DelGreco, tight end Adam Ottaviano, split end Adam Tajuddin and an offensive line that resembled a battering ram. These Knights put on a weekly clinic in endzone awareness, scoring 347 total points for a healthy average of 31.5 points per game. Ignasky's 19 touchdowns and 122 points were the most since C.K. Mayo's 126 points during the Knight's 2000 championship season. They were, simply put, awesome.

The defense rivaled the offense in both intensity and the ability to pound the opposition into submission. The front four formed a wall. The linebackers swarmed to the gaps and the backs protected the airwaves. Like mercenaries, they turned carnage into an art form. Shutouts were registered in eight of eleven games, and only twenty-six points were allowed all season long. They were, simply put, awesome.

With most games safely in hand by halftime, the second-teamers got ample time to show off their skills. They were unscored upon during the regular season, and their offense was great at chewing up the clock with long, sustained drives. These reserve Knights, most of whom will return next season, competed at a high level. They were, simply put, awesome.

Vanquishing Thomas-Jefferson and Montour in the first two playoff games led to the inevitable showdown with the arch-rival Sabres in the Super Bowl. It couldn't have been scripted any better. It was the Knights in shining armor versus the beasts from the quarry. As in all classic tales, good inevitably triumphed over evil. It was, simply put, awesome.


Surrounded by his loyal warriors and a crowd of Brookline faithful, Coach Donnie hoisted the championship trophy for all to see. It seemed like destiny. Whatever it was, it sure felt good to be wearing the green and black of the Brookline Knights!

For the 13 year olds, it was their first championship with the Knights. Many of them had been with the program since their fledgling days with the Twerps. For these Senior Knights it was a long, hard rode to the top. After eight years of patience and dedication, they've earned the right to hold their index finger high and proclaim themselves #1.

For the Junior players, commonly known as Coach Donnie's Kids, it was their fourth title in six years. Hoisting championship trophies has become a way of life for these gridiron gangsters. They are now the winningest group of Knights in the thirty-six year history of the franchise. To the chagrin of the rest of the SSYFL, these kids still have another season to go!

One more time ... Oh, how sweet it is!

2009 13-Under Team

The Brookline Knights 13-Under Team
2009 SSYFL Champions!

Jeff Arnold (63), Michael Ignasky (32), Adam Ottaviano (85), Dominic Amato (10), Diamante Jones (79), Russell Page (5), Joe Bonnar (81), Edward Jordan (84), Malik Petite (80), Zach Booth (40), Joey Kalsek (21), Michael Roper (12), Seamus Corr (46), Tyler Marino (75), Khalil Sanders (25), Brendan Cunningham (54), Garrett Martin (64), Zacheria Sesay (34), Will Dean (27), Connor McGinnis (23), Marty Shulik (42), Dominick DelGreco (82), Joseph Mitchell, Martino Stein (50), Gino Foster (56), Cody Muller (72), David Suwalski (86), Joey Nicholas (74), Adam Tajuddin (44), Michael Hennel (36), Julius Noel (83) and Jerrad Tuite (30). The head coach is Don Helman. The assistant coaches are Joe Tongel, Sean Stein, Jerry Tuite, George DelGreco and Jim DelGreco.

Game Results

Game 1 - Brookline 12 <> Bethel Park 0
Game 2 - Brookline 45 <> North Hills 12
Game 3 - Brookline 40 <> South Park 0
Game 4 - Brookline 38 <> T-Jefferson 0

Game 5 - Brookline 40 <> Carlynton 0
Game 6 - Brookline 7 <> W. Allegheny 0
Game 7 - Brookline 38 <> Montour 0
Game 8 - Brookline 52 <> Baldwin 0

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SSYFL Opening Round Playoffs

Brookline 30 <> Thomas-Jefferson 6

<Photos from the Opening Round Game - November 1, 2009>

SSYFL Semi-Finals

Brookline 34 <> Montour 0

SSYFL Super Bowl

Brookline 18 <> Southside 8

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The Cheerleaders

2009 Cheerleaders - 13-Under

Kayla Brown, Tyler Grimes, Jenna Olander, Colleen Cummings, Brianna King, Charlotte Primrose, Allana Dean, Krista Lane, Briana Rainey, Alexis DeWaine, Noel Marchese, Jamie Stanizzo, Victoria Eibeck, Danielle Maxwell, Rachel Vichie, Rachel Gorecki, Ceairra White. Head Coach: Nicole Nicholas; Assistant Coach: Colleen Dean.

The Champions
Knight's players, coaches and cheerleaders bask in the limelight after their Super Bowl victory.

In the immortal words of Shane Falco:
Pain Heals, Chicks Dig Scars, Glory Lasts Forever!
The Knights gather one last time at the post-season banquet.
The memories of the 2009 season will last a lifetime.

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