Brookline Knights Football Association
The 1996 Termites
We've Only Just Begun To Fight!

The 1996 Brookline Termites ended the Knight's five-year drought by bringing home the W.P.Y.F.L. season championship with a 14-6 victory over Lawrenceville at Montour Stadium. The Termites joined the equally devine Midget champions in catapulting the Brookline program back to prominence on the Western Pennsylvania youth football scene.

Under the guidance of coaches Pat Quinn, Joe Diven, Earl Taylor, Bill Blake and Dan McCann, the young Knights of Brookline completed their season with an 8-2 record. The title was the first for a Knight's Termite team since 1990 and the third Termite title overall in twenty years of Brookline football.

The Termites finished the regular season with a 6-2 slate and a second-place finish. The first round playoff game was held November 9 at Brookline's McGibbeny Field versus a talented South Fayette team. On a muddy field, Brookline ran away with the contest, 24-8, to advance to the title game.

November 16 was another wet Sunday afternoon, and the showdown between Brookline and Lawrenceville had all the makings of a classic gridiron battle. Lawrenceville had beaten Brookline by a hair in an early season game, and both teams were evenly matched.

The less than ideal field conditions and tenacious defense by both teams kept the game close. A touchdown run by Ross Ventrone gave Brookline an 8-6 edge, and a late touchdown by Knight E.J. Taylor made it 14-6. The Termite defense then shut the door and the Knights never looked back.

With these talented players ready to move on to the Mitey-Mite and Midget teams in the coming few years, the future is looking bright for Brookline Knights Football.

Note: The core group of kids from this Knight's championship team went on to capture championships with the 2000 Midgets and the 1998 Mitey-Mites, completing what could be refered to as the Triple Crown of youth football. Quite an accomplishment for a great group of kids from Brookline!

1996 Brookline Termites

The Brookline Knights Termites
1996 WPYFL Champions

Photos from the Semi-Final Playoff Game
* November 9, 1996 *

The Termites cheerleaders are ready
for their Knights to burst through
the banner and on to victory.    Coach Pat Quinn congratulates his muddied
warriors after their convincing triumph.
One more win and we will be #1.
The cheerleaders have their banner ready to start the game (left) and Coach Quinn congratulates
his muddied warriors after their convincing Semi-Final victory over South Fayette.

Brookline Knights celebrate
their semi-final victory.
The Brookline Knights Termites celebrate after their big playoff win.

The Knights #1 fan John Moroney.
The Knights #1 fan John Moroney.

Photos from the Championship Game
* November 16, 1996 *

The Termite Seniors at midfield await
the coin toss to start the contest.    After their 14-6 championship victory,
Brookline's green-haired warriors come
together one last time to proclaim who's
the boss. Congratulations Termites!
The Termite Seniors at midfield for the coin toss (left) and the Termites after their championship win.

Brookline Knight's President Joe Nicholas
congratulates Mike Anzalone, C.K. Mayo and
the rest of the Termites after the big game.    1996 Brookline Termites Cheerleaders.
Knights President Joe Nicholas congratulates the players after the game (left); The Termite cheerleaders.

Ross Ventrone races down the sideline for the
Knight's first touchdown of the championship game.
Ross Ventrone races down the sideline for Brookline's first touchdown of the championship game.

Coach Pat Quinn and his Termites proudly display the
championship trophy at the post-game celebration.
Pictured are coaches Bill Blake, Coach Quinn and
Knights E.J. Taylor, Josh Niswonger, Mike Anzalone,
Geoffrey Giegucz, C.K. Mayo and Mike Haggerty.
Coach Pat Quinn and his Termites proudly show off their
championship trophy. Also pictured are Coach Bill Blake,
E.J. Taylor, Josh Niswonger, Mike Anzalone, C.K.
Mayo, Geoffrey Giegucz and Mike Haggerty.

The 1996 Brookline Knights Termite team featured
future NFL player
Ross Ventrone.

Ross Ventrone - New England Patriots

* Photos courtesy of Carol Taylor *

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