Brookline Little League Association
Rita's Italian Ice (2011-2012)
41 Wins In-A-Row

Rita's Italian Ice 2012 - Record: 22-0
The 2012 Rita's Italian Ice team went 22-0 enroute to the Pinto League championship.

The Brookline Little League Association's Pinto League is an instructional softball program for girls ages 7-8-9. It is a coach-pitch program designed to teach the fundamentals of the game in a competitive league environment. The teams play an entire season, then compete in a post-season tournament.

The 2012 Rita's Italian Ice Girl's Pinto League team completed their second undefeated championship season with a 22-0 record. Combined with 2011's 19-0 title season, this brings Rita's unbeaten streak to an incredible forty-one games. This is by far the longest winning streak in the 62-year history of the Brookline Little League Association.

Rita's Italian Ice 2011 - Record: 19-0
The 2011 Rita's Italian Ice team went 19-0 enroute to the Pinto League championship.

There have been a couple of other teams over the years that have posted record-setting winning streaks. In 1955 the Brookline's Pony League team set the standard with a record of 28-0. In 1964-1965, the American Legion Little League team posted 20-0 and 19-1 years in succession (streak unknown), and in 1998-1999, the Steve Poremski Plumbing Little League team won thirty-one straight games.

In addition to their record-setting streak, Rita's Ice Girls joined the 1998-1999 Poremski squad as the only teams in BLLA history to have back-to-back undefeated seasons.

The 2011-2012 Rita's Italian Ice teams have raised the standard of perfection to new heights. It should be quite some time before another group of coaches and kids comes along to trump their remarkable forty-one game unbeaten streak.

Congratulations to the players and coaches of 2011 and 2012 Rita's Italian teams:

2011 - The players: Farrah Love, Emma "Hollywood" Ely, Kylee Cerminara, Cameryn Davis, Casey Evans, Mia Ely, Zoe Malone, Vanessa Hudson, Caitlyn Guerrero, Mikaela Vogel and Pam Tomassi. The coaches: Herb Davis, Sean Malone, Manager Dave Ely, Greg Guerrero and Ralph Cerminara. The batgirl: Kiara Cerminara.

2012 - The players: Vanessa Hudson, Caitlyn Guerrero, Kiara Cerminara, Casey Evans, Allison Krapp, Kendal Kalanish, Cameryn Davis, Emma Ely, Kylee Cerminara, Farrah Love and Lynsee Wering. The coaches: Ralph Cerminara, Manager Dave Ely, Herb Davis and Greg Guerrero.

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