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The Annual "Moms" Game - 1974

Back in the 1960s and early-1970s the annual "Moms" game was a much anticipated part of the season. It was a softball game that was more entertaining than competitive. Each team brought along their own assorted bag of tricks, and practical jokes were the theme of the day.

These games brought hundreds of spectators to the Community Center fields, many of whom were the kids, who got quite a laugh watching their moms running about acting foolish. The umpires were usually local dignitaries who came prepared for the silly shenanigans of our temporarily possessed mothers, and brought along a few tricks of their own.

Below is a team photo from the Babe Anderson's 1974 Minor League Moms, called the "Pirate Treasure Chests" and wearing the old Our Lady of Loreto softball team jersies. The exhibition featured the Treasure Chests squaring off against the Minor League coaches.

Suffice to say that it was a great day at the ballfield for young and old alike, and a tradition that ended too soon. It's been a long time since the "moms" have suited up, put on the leather gloves and limbered up in the on-deck circle. Here are some pictures to remind us of those simpler times before the advent of the "Corporate Mom."

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* The Minor League Moms *

Picture of 1974 Minor League Moms

Standing: Manager Babe Anderson, UNKNOWN, Mrs. Tommarillo, UNKNOWN, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Seiler.
Kneeling: Mrs. Gielas, Mrs. Barth, Eleanor Ferreri, Mrs. DeBald, Mrs. Raimondi.

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* Photos provided by Gregg Gielas *

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