Resurrection Elementary
5th Grade Class - 1975

Resurrection 5th Grade Class - 1975

Here's a photo showing one of the four 5th Grade classes
at Resurrection Elementary School during
the 1974-1975 school year.

Pictured here are (top to bottom):

Top: Father McMahon, Sister Mary Joseph, Sister Olivia and Randy DeShantz.
One: Mark Kagel (Thornhill), Debbie Keil, Steve Quinn, Diane Campbell, Don Schmidt and Kim Malfatti.
Two: Suzanne O'Toole, Joe Hinzman, Cindy Wertz, Chris Brendel, Lisa Defazio and Joe Lapcevic.
Three: Mark Lobianco, Amy Pavlik, Kevin Price, Karen Ducouer, Mark Roper and Darci Bichler.
Four: Mike Chettle and Susan Stangrecki.
Bottom: Mary McGee, Larry Haney, Lori Hoetzlein, David Ali, Gary Ignasky and Steve Tripodi.

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* Photo and names provided by Mike Chettle *

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