Elizabeth Seton High School
Junior Commandos - 1942

Elizabeth Seton High School Junior Commandos - 1942

Action on the home front, in the energetic Junior Commandos organization, is what these 126 freshman and sophomore girls at Elizabeth Seton High School in Brookline are prepared to further. Sworn in as Junior Commando privates under J. L. Boyle, Junior Commando colonel of the Brookline area, they will help in organizing JC units and serve as aides in the scrap collections.

Junior Commandos - 1942

Junior Commandos in Brookline.

Two Thousand, Two Hundred Junior Commandos dedicated a new "scrap corner" in Brookline on Tuesday evening with a jamboree that would vie with any football "pep" meeting you ever saw.

The the tune of "The Old Gray Mare," the army of boys and girls sane these words:

"The Stars and Stripes will fly over Tokyo, fly over Tokyo, fly over Tokyo." They repeated "fly over Tokyo" in time with their marching. The route of the parade led through neighborhood streets to the new scrap depot at Brookline Boulevard and Merrick Street.

Commando-In-Chief Frank Murray and Colonel John L. Boyle, Brookline district "commander," led the column with brisk step and pride in the thousands of Junior Commandos who were helping to "fly the Stars and Stripes over Tokyo."

The parade ended at the scrap corner which, incidentally, was offered for the purpose by a Brookline businessman, Serafino Gigliotti. Chief Murray than spoke to the boys and girls about the importance of continued effort in gathering scrap metal.

"I am very well pleased with the splendid manner in which all of you First Class Privates, Corporals and Sergeants are turning in scrap. Remember, boys and girls, it is the scrap that makes the equipment which is necessary to win the war. Keep up the good work; but make sure you ask permission before taking scrap from any property.

"Also keep in mind that a Commando must be polite and courteous, and above all, must perform his or her job in a quiet manner.

All Junior Commandos who have reported collections of 200 pounds of scrap metal or more have been invited by mail to see the Pittsburgh Steelers wallop the New York Giants at Forbes Field on Sunday, October fourth. The squads of those who reported collections will also receive tickets - all for free!

Two Brookline Junior Commandos, along with their squads, have collected over a whopping 9400 pounds each. James McKenna and Herbert Swann will join 45 other commandos from around the city in ceremoniously having their names engraved on a 30-ton tank that will one day be trundling after the enemies of our country.

Junior Commando Application - 1942

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* Photo and information from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - October 1, 1942 *

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