Creedmoor Court Apartments

The original school building - 1957


On a windy morning in late October, 2003, community and religious leaders gathered at the former Resurrection Elementary School in Brookline for a rather unusual "wall-smashing" ceremony to officially kick off a renovation project to give new life to the empty school building.

In 2005, this ninety-six year old Brookline landmark, which stood idle since 1996, re-opened as Creedmoor Court, a 25-unit non-assisted apartment complex for income-eligible seniors. The old school building housed the parish church from 1910 until 1939, and from 1912 through 1996 was the area's largest parochial school.


While many years elapsed between concept and construction, the directors of Creedmoor Court Apartments look back in amazement that the linchpin in the $3 million construction project involved something as simple as a lenten fish fry.

Shortly after the school ceased operation in the fall of 1996, at a parish fish dinner, then-pastor Father Joseph Grosko spoke with Mayor Tom Murphy. He explained his desire to put the empty but serviceable building to good use and also to be relieved of the structures upkeep costs. Mayor Murphy intervened by putting Father Grosko in touch with Ralph Falbo, a developer with tremendous expertise in making senior highrise projects a reality.

Father Joseph Grosko take the first swing during
the groundbreaking ceremony for the Creedmoor
Court Senior Apartments - October 29, 2003.

Sponsored by Christian Housing Inc., a western Pennsylvania-based non-profit corporation that helps parishes develop subsidized housing for the elderly on church properties, and assisted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Redevelopment (HUD), the transformation of the old school building began. Overseeing the project was Ralph A. Falbo, Inc. The architects were Landmarks Design Associates, Inc. and the main contractor was Sota Construction.


The idea of having the old church/school property now serving the elderly in this capacity is in keeping with the parishes commitment to the Brookline senior community.

"We all recognize a responsibility to care for our senior citizens, to make sure they receive affordable, safe housing," said Father Frank Mitolo, pastor of the Church of the Resurrection and head of the Creedmoor Court Board of Directors.

We're thrilled to find a new use for the building that now allows us to carry out our mission to serve the elderly," he said. "The transformation will allow seniors to remain in a familiar neighborhood, surrounded by the people and places they know and love."


The apartments at Creedmoor Court are available to seniors aged 62 and older and follow HUD guidelines for income eligibility. The complex features a courtyard in the middle of its four wings and is close to the shops on Brookline Boulevard and to the public transportation network.

Creedmoor Court Apartments

Christian Housing, Inc. - Creedmoor Court

The following images and photos are from the Christian Housing, Inc. webpage for Creedmoor Court Apartments. Inside the building, the transformation of the old school is stunning. The rooms still have the same numbers as the schoolrooms and many of the amenities, such as the banisters, fixtures, stairways and stained glass windows remain.



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