Brookline Memorial Day Parade - 1942

Memorial Day 1942

The observance of Decoration Day, now proclaimed Memorial Day, has been a national tradition since 1868. By the end of the 19th Century celebrations occurred in most every US city and town. Brookline Boulevard has been the scene of an annual Memorial Day Parade since 1934.

Generations of Brookliners have served our country, from the battlegrounds of the Civil War to the fields of Europe, and from the rice patties of Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan. All served with honor. Many did not return, making the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that we as Americans remain free and strong.

Memorial Day 1942    Memorial Day 1942

We honor these fallen heroes on the last Monday of each May, with the Memorial Day Parade. It is a chance to honor the memory of those lost and to thank those among us who returned. It is also an opportunity show our support for our young men and women still struggling in the Middle East and in regional roles around the globe.

Memorial Day 1942    Memorial Day 1942

These photos capture the Memorial Day Parade back in 1942, when the United States was gearing up for ultimate victory against the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany in World War II. The local citizenry was out in force to show their solidarity and determination to prevail in the largest conflict the world had ever seen.

Memorial Day 1942

The photos also provide an interesting look back in time at Brookline Boulevard and some of the businesses and storefronts that bring back memories of days gone by.

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* Photos provided by Doris Anderson Morrison *

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