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1952 - The Year in Review

Boys Little League
Final Season Standings

Kiwanis Club



Ebenshire Village



American Legion



Community Center



* Playoff Summary *

No Playoff - Kiwanis Club wins championship based on regular season record.

1952 Little League Champs - Kiwanis Club

Picture of 1952 Kiwanis Club Little League Team

Members of the 1952 Kiwanis Club team were: James Metz, Robert Walton, Ronald Schad, Ronald Ausman, Hal Jenkins, Gary Pittinger, Gordon Chraska, Dennis Mangan, Thomas Powers, Ray Auen, Robert Means, Byrne Doyle, Barton Christner, Regis Giel, Richard Mezyk and Manager Henry Hofbauer.

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* Photo reprinted from the Brookline Journal *

1952 Little League Parade

The inaugural Brookline Little League parade was held on the evening of May 27, 1952. The parade began at Pioneer Avenue and flowed along Brookline Boulevard to the new Community Center field. It was a big day for the community of Brookline, the Brookline Business Men's Association and all the young ballplayers who would soon be playing Little League baseball for the first time. The parade was followed by the opening game of the 1952 season. Allegheny County Commissioner John J. Kane was on hand to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

1952 Little League Parade

The parade procession passes the Brookline Methodist Church.

1952 Little League Parade

1952 Little League Parade
Girl Scouts take a group photo outside the left field fence at the Community Center
baseball field after the parade. They are standing on the location
of the present-day Brookline Recreation building.

1952 Little League Parade
County Commissioner John Kane throws out the first pitch.

1952 Little League Parade
The officers of the Brookline Business Men's Association Little League (l-r): Jack Ashworth,
John Pascarosa, Morris Grumet, Cliff Waterson, Eugene Means and Dave Frick.

1952 Little League Parade
The managers and coaches of the four BBMA Little League teams. Front (l-r): Charles Valentine,
Mike O'Neill, Ed Mathias and Henry Hofbauer. Back (l-r): Dutch Wertz,
Dave Mangan, Bud Auen, Tony Kosinsky and Joe Power.

1952 Little League Umpires
1952 umpires: Nick Roth, Don Campbell, Dave Frick and Jack McCaughan.

Map to the Community Center Field
Map from the Brookline Journal showing the location of the Community Center Field.

The first group of Brookline Little
 Leaguers - 1952
The original group of Brookline Little Leaguers, lined up on the hillside at the Community Center Field.

Individual League Leaders

Batting (Top 25 - Min 25 AB)



Raymond Auen
Richard Wyse
Cliff Watterson
Dan Kanell
James Nagy
Edward Schreiber
Barton Christner
William Keller
James Klingensmith
James Lowen
Charles Mathias
Richard Mezyk
Jack Lammert
Donald Hurley
Byrne Doyle
David Johns
Richard DeRenzo
Robert Wertz
Gerald Doyle
James Metz
Gerald Armento
Jack Land
Wesley Flynn
Dennis Mangan
Paul Tokey

53-22, .415
46-19, .413
47-19, .405
44-17, .387
44-17, .387
29-11, .380
48-15, .314
56-17, .305
44-13, .297
49-14, .287
50-14, .280
55-16, .269
41-10, .245
43-10, .233
49-11, .225
51-11, .216
28-6, .214
46-9, .196
44-8, .182
50-9, .180
40-7, .175
40-7, .175
52-9, .173
48-8, .167
47-7, .149


Russell Bell
William Keller
Ray Auen
Dennis Mangan
James Nagy
Cliff Watterson
Richard Mezyk
Jack Lang
Jack Lammert
Dan Kanell
Paul Tokey
Robert Wertz
Donald Hurley
William Barker
John Morgan


Notes - League MVP, James Nagy; Best Sportsman, Jack Lammert; Batting Champion, Raymond "Buddy" Auen.

Additional Note: Hale Jenkins, despite going 0-for-29 at the plate, walked 25 times, giving him a more than respectable .463 On-Base-Average.

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Brookline Little League season,
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1952 All-Star Results

Roster Unavailable.

Inter-Sectional Games: July 4 - Brookline over Bethel Park, 5-4; July 6 - Brookline over Pleasant Hills, 11-1; July 7 - Duquesne over Brookline, 5-3.

District Playoffs: July 15 - Brookline over Carrick, 3-2; Brentwood eliminated Brookline, 8-2.

Brookline Little League All-Stars - 1952    Brookline Little League All-Stars - 1952

Jim Nagy warming up before all-star game in 7/4/52
Photos from Moore Park on 7/4/52, showing Jim Nagy warming up before the game. Brookline beat Bethel Park, 5-4,
in this first Inter-Sectional game. The game was followed by the annual July 4th fireworks celebration.
Below are a couple photos of the district playoff game at Brentwood stadium. Brookline lost, 8-2.

Brookline Little League All-Stars - 1952    Brookline Little League All-Stars - 1952

Brookline Little League All-Stars - 1952

* Material reprinted from Brookline Journals dated July/August/October, 1952 - Photos provided by Ray Nagy *

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