Brookline Little League Association
Little League Parade - April 25, 1998

The annual Little League Parade was held on Saturday, April 25. It was a beautiful spring morning and spirits were running high. District #4 Councilman Michael Diven and League President Tony "The Bear" Colangelo opened the proceedings with a few kind words of praise for the many colorful banners, made especially for the big day. Then it was time for the parade to begin.

 Michael Diven and President Tony Colangelo

At 11:00am the Boulevard was cordoned off and the players began to make their way from the Firehouse to Brookline Park. The proud coaches led their teams down the Boulevard past the many parents and friends who lined the way to cheer on the boys and girls. Our local firemen rode shotgun in their fire truck, and along with a contingent of mounted police, they led the procession. Characters like McGruff the Crimedog, Sparky the Firedog and the world renowned Crash Dummies followed along with the kids.

 and Mounted Police are ready to lead the procession

The parade route ended at Sam Bryen Fields, where refreshments were served and the team banners were judged. For everyone involved, it was a wonderful day. The kids had a great time and the community had a chance to witness the joy and excitement of our local youngsters as they prepare for another season of fun and games. Now its time to "Play Ball." Tomorrow is opening day! The Brookline Little League Association encourages everyone to stop by the park and take in a few innings. Little League baseball IS the best game in town.

Little League Parade Photos:

The Firedog says
 Stop, Drop and Roll.

The Firedog and
 Kate Radley are ready to begin.

 Rich O'Neill keeps Darryl's Auto to a safe speed.

The Crash
 Dummies walk along with the Alvin's Jewelry girls

St. Marks
 girls wave their green victory towels

The procession
 nears the Community Center entrance.

Carl Muller
 escorts Moonlight Cafe's boys team

 the Crimedog clears the way for Miggantz and Labriola

The two-time
 defending girl's Senior champions make their opening statement

 Boyle has found a new friend

Lisa Blake
 and friends serve up the refreshments

A beautiful
 spring morning at the park ends with the banner judging

Results of the team banner competition:

1st Place - Slick's Bar
Slick's Bar ... Coach
 Ed Kinzel

2nd Place - Achille Construction
Achille Construction ... Coach
 Bill Schwatz

3rd Place - Brookline Dance Studio
Brookline Dance Studio ... Coach
 Al Pollick

Honorable Mention - Miggantz & Labriola
Miggantz and Labriola ... Coach
 Marie Downey

* Photos provided by Clint Burton *

Our Judges: Lori Burton and
 Jennifer Cherkes

A note from the Judges: "It was really hard to pick a winner. All of the banners were wonderful. We wanted to declare everyone a winner and have a huge pizza party! However, pizza for 500 kids was a bit too much, so we were asked to pick just one. We want to extend our sincerest congratulations to all of the parents and kids for the fine jobs they did on the banners, and Thank You for allowing us to share in your special day." ... - Lori and Jen

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