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Brookline's Sultan of Swat
Brian Vogel

Brian Vogel - 2014.  Brian Vogel - 2016.
Brian Vogel showing off his power swing in 2014 at age ten (left) and in 2016.

There have been many power hitters in Brookline Little League history. Kids like Mickey White, Tommy O'Connor, Terry Sullivan, and the hulk himself, Eddie Beveridge, slammed their fair share of homeruns during the long hot summers at the Community Center fields.

In 1972, a youngster named Tim "Crazy Legs" Schumacher set the standard by knocking out twenty-three homers in a twenty-game regular season for the St. Marks Little League team. Crazy Legs' record stood for forty-three years, until 2015, when a young man named Brian Vogel came along and posted numbers that should stand the test of time.

Young Brian, as a feisty eight-year old, began showing off is power swing in 2012, when he hit three homers in a game on the regulation sized Little League field during Mustang League competition. As a ten-year old he hit an amazing twenty-six homers counting In-House, All-Star and Traveling League competition.

Brian Vogel - 2012.
Brian Vogel in 2012 as an eight=year old after his three-homer day.

At age eleven, he moved up to the Little League ranks and his power numbers surged to new heights. In 2015, with all competition included, he hit fifty-six homers in forty games, then followed up with sixty-four homers in forty games as a twelve-year old, averaging 1.4 and 1.6 homers per game respectively. Before Vogel, it had been several years since anyone had managed more than ten homers in an entire season.

In comparison, Schumacher averaged 1.15 per game in 1972. Now, it is oftentimes hard to compare records from different eras, but without question it is safe to say that Timmy "Crazy Legs" Shumacher and Brian "Master-Blaster" Vogel will go down in local Little League history as Brookline's premier Sultan's of Swat.

* Photos provided by Jill Vogel *

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