Brookline Day League Baseball - 1970

Day League - 1970

In 1956, the Brookline Day League was formed for kids 8-12 years of age and supervised by Jim Wertz, Elmer Miller and John Voelker. The Day League played its games at the Community Center Field on weekday afternoons, with eight teams named after Major League Clubs. As the years went on and funding decreased, the program dwindled to a Saturday afternoon program.

The final program director was Jack Lombardi, who was in charge from the late-1960s until 1972. The following year, Lombardi managed to convince the Brookline Little League Association to start a Minor League program, which eventually lasted for over forty years.

The photos above and below show Day League action from 1970. Shown in the photo above are instructors Danny McGibbeny and Phil Sciulli with their team. The final two photos show Clint Burton at age eight in 1970, showing off his new Day League jersey.

Day League - 1970

Day League - 1970    Day League - 1970

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