DeBor Funeral Home
Sixty-Eight Years Of Sponsorship

Frank D. DeBor

The Brookline Little League entered its 68th season in 2018. In all of those season, two things have remained constant. The first is the Brookline Little League Association's commitment to providing a quality sports program for the youth of the community. The second is DeBor Funeral Home, which in 1951 became the initial program sponsor and has continued its commitment to the league ever since.

Beginning with Frank Ferdinand, the original owner of the Funeral Home and one of the founding fathers of the Brookline Little League program, and continuing with his son, Frank David, the DeBor family has always been at the forefront of community involvement with the program.

In honor of this most loyal and faithful generosity to the program, on April 28, 2018, Frank D. DeBor was invited as a special guest to the Opening Day Ceremony, also attended by representatives from the Pittsburgh Pirates, and asked to throw out the first pitch.

Frank D. DeBor    Frank D. DeBor

Frank D. DeBor

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