Brookline Little League Association
New Pony Field Is Needed - 1961

Sam Bryen and friends survey grounds for
 the new Pony field - 1961
Little League Association president Sam Bryen (w/clipboard), flanked by Elmer Rowlands and Pat
Fagan (left), and Jim Patterson (right) survey the proposed site, adjacent to the
Community Center Little League field, for the new Pony field.

An Editorial
A PONY League Field IS Needed In Brookline

The personnel of the Brookline Chamber of Commerce Little League Association have been sincere in their efforts throughout the past several years in providing a program of baseball activity for the youth of Brookline.

They now want to extend this program by erecting a Pony League field on the Brookline Community Center grounds. This move being necessary to accomodate the increase of the number of teams and the scheduling of additional playing times.

It goes without saying that, we, the people of Brookline, are proud of our community and vitally interested in providing the proper recreational outlets for our young people.

It is not the sole purpose to train these young men so that they can go on to fame in the baseball world, although quite a few may do just that, but it gives the young men a sense of working together, so necessary in later life, and also provides an outlet for pent-up energies.

It is worthy to mention here the name of Frank F. DeBor Funeral Home was inadvertently omitted in last week's Journal as one of the sponsors of the Pony League teams again this year. Mr. DeBor was one of the original sponsors of a baseball team in the Brookline baseball program, and has taken a keen interest throughout the years in helping to further the activities of the youth in the community.

The fund-raising campaign for the benefit of the erection of a Pony League field will be held four consecutive days: Monday, Sept. 11; Tuesday, Sept. 12; Wednesday, Sept. 13, and Thursday, Sept 14.

We are asking you to give generously when a player from one of the Brookline baseball teams call at your door. Your contribution means so much. Most certainly it will help toward the building of the Pony League field, but then, too, it will give you a satisfaction of helping mold the fine, young manhood in Brookline.

Brookline merchant Morris Grumet with Little
League players Joe and Jackie Klingensmith - 1961
Presenting the first contribution toward the erection of a new Pony League field on the Brookline Community
Center grounds is Morris Grumet, left. Mr. Grumet, owner of Grumet's Market on Brookline Boulevard,
is the past-president of the Brookline Chamber of Commerce Little League, serving the League
in that capacity from 1952 through 1958. Receiving the contribution are Joseph
Klingensmith, 13, center, who plays on a Brookline Pony team and his brother
Jackie, 12, right, a member of Liepack's Brookline Little League team.

* Reprinted from The Brookline Journal - September 7, 1961 *

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