The Brookline Memorial Recreation Center
Earth Day - April 16, 2011
Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Project

The Brookline Park Cleanup Crew

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APRIL 16 - In celebration of Earth Day 2011, the boys and girls of Brookline came together for the 7th annual Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful "Pick It Up, PA" project, part of the Great American Cleanup. One team worked their way through Brookline Park and along Fitch Way, while another went west to tidy up Moore Park, located on Pioneer Avenue. When all was finished, these hardy youngsters had collected quite an assortment of garbage and discarded construction debris.


The Cleanup Project here in Brookline was coordinated by Keith Knecht of the South Pittsburgh Development Corporation (SPDC), a local community action group. The city-wide effort was directed by coordinators from the Pennsylvania Resources Council. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is statewide effort to help eliminate illegal dumping and littering in Pennsylvania. Every year on Earth Day weekend, thousands of residents throughout the state join in the pickup.


Aside from the work done in Brookline's two parks, several other teams, each led by members of SPDC, concentrated on different areas of the community. These groups also collected several truckloads of trash.

Thunderstorms Couldn’t Wash Away Community Spirit at Brookline Clean-Up
(Brookline-Dormont Patch Article)

So much is said about the conflicts around the globe, but right here at home, we are also engaged in a conflict of sorts. It's called the "War on Litter." Just take a walk along Brookline Boulevard on any given day. Despite the presence of numerous trash containers, the abundance of loose trash is astounding. "Where does it all come from?"

Special thanks to all the boys and girls of Brookline Park and the Girl Scouts who braved the cold and rain to help make a positive difference in our neighborhood. Brookline is a better, and cleaner, place because of them. Finally, thanks as always to Keith Knecht and the members of SPDC, Antonio's Pizzeria, Cannon Coffee and our partners in Citiparks for their continued support of the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful project and our efforts here at Brookline Park.

Keith Knecht, SPDC    

Thanks to the following individuals for coming out to help us rid Brookline and Moore Parks of trash: Philip Tranter, Connor Makstutis, Justin Hancock, Hunter Richie, Brent Ivory, Darryl Daniels, Blake Andrews, Ryan Andrews, Jodie Andrews, Tristan Koonz, Emma Primrose, Loni Brazen, Stacey Adrian, Jenny Hoff, Jenell Halsey, William Halsey, Clint Burton, Milan Tyler, Jimmy Perry, Michelle Underwood, Kathy Rudolph and the Girl Scouts of Troop 51214: Sarah Adrian, Rebecca Halsey, Bobbie Stewart, Alyssa Mehlich, Ciera Mehlich and Delanie Staab.

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