Brookline Recreation Center
Arts and Crafts

Mickey and the Girls doing crafts

For several years Michelle Underwood ran an Arts and Crafts program at the Recreation Center. The big draw was the Ceramics program. There was a kiln in the back room for firing the molds and the participants made some pretty slick ceramic pieces. Mickey had hundreds, maybe thousands of molds to choose from, and they were all used.

Over the years the ceramics program was one of the Centers more popular activities for young and old alike. For a small fee you could make some really beautiful figurines, chess sets, pharoahs, crucifixes and just about anything else ceramic.

When Mickey left to work at Phillips Park, the ceramic program lost its leader, and soon stopped altogether. The kiln and molds all went to the Southside Markethouse, were another Citiparks ceramics program exists. But to anyone who frequented the Recreation Center when Mickey fired up the kiln will remember the smell of the baking molds, heated to nearly 4000 degrees. It got a little warm in the kitchen.

Below are a couple more photos of Brookliners taking advantage of the Ceramics program to make some nice fixtures for their homes.

Lori Burton and Julie Becze    Tammi Mansour

The girls    Debbie Augustine

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