Brookline Recreation Center
2008 Summer Basketball Camp

Upwards Movement Basketball Summer Camp.

The Brookline Recreation Center had the pleasure of hosting a basketball camp on June 24 and June 26, 2008. The camp was sponsored by the the Shandon Baptist Church of Columbia, South Carolina, in cooperation with the Baptist Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh Baptist Church, located on Pioneer Avenue in Brookline. Every year, this group from kind-hearted folks from down South go on a summer retreat and put on a mini-camp for some lucky neighborhood. This year, the Brookline community was the recipient of their very generous support.

All of the kids in attendance received a free basketball and a shirt. The camp staff was professional and offered some nice tips to our little hoopsters. With our summer basketball program in full swing, the timing of the camp was perfect. All of the kids had a great time!

In addition to the basketball camp on Tuesday and Thursday, the fine ladies and gentlemen treated Brookline to a free Community Festival on Wednesday evening. There were games, a petting zoo, fun rides and plenty of down home southern cooking! The weather was perfect and Brookline couldn't have asked for a more gracious, kind and thoughtful group of friends to descend upon us for three days.

Thanks to Pastor Kim of the Pittsburgh Baptist Church, Lamar Duke of the Baptist Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Pastor Jerry Long of the Shandon Baptist Church.

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