The Brookline Memorial Recreation Center
Instructional Hoops Clinic - Fall 2005

Black Team - Coach Rich Nerone (missing from photo)

Blue Team - Coach Darrelle Mott

The Brookline Recreation Center hosted an Instructional Basketball Clinic from the beginning of October through the middle of November. It was open to children ages six through eight. Teams were organized and taught some of the fundamentals of the game. Most importantly, they learned to work as a team. For many of the kids, it was their first try at organized basketball. With the help of a dedicated group of volunteer coaches, the boys and girls learned, and had a lot of fun doing it.

Four teams of nine players apiece spent the first four weeks working with their coaches, then playing a twenty minute game. Adorned in their "Sponge Bob" team jersies, these short games were quite interesting. Each team worked hard to develop their offensive and defensive skills, and when one side scored, the kids jumped up and down, screaming with delight.

Red Team - Coach Les Funteio

Maroon Team - Coach Nicky Jester

In the final three weeks, the teams were ready to play a full hour of basketball. The Black and Blue teams emerged as the dominant forces, and in week 6 engaged in a memorable contest. Points were not logged, but it seemed everyone was keeping score in their heads. The Black team came on at the end to eek out a 5-3 win.

The Recreation Center staff wishes to thank everyone who volunteered their time and efforts to help make this a fun and exciting season. Coaches Rich Nerone, Nicky Jester, Les Funtieo, Mike Schweinberg and Darrelle Mott did a fine job with their teams. Referees Dale Key, Darrelle and Jay Mott, Les Funteio and Clint Burton did their best to keep the games moving, while also providing instruction. Special thanks to all of the supportive parents and especially to the kids who played. We had a fun time watching and hope you all had a good time playing.

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