Women's Volleyball - 1982

The Brookline Recreation Center Women's Volleyball League entered its 3rd season in 1982. The champion that year was coached by Jeff Buskirk and Danny O'Brien, and the team captain was Linda Phillips.

The teams and the players:

1982 Volleyball team

Team A - Front: Jackie Raffale. Middle: Kathy Crowley, Dorothy Rothey, Patty Moroney. Back: Cindy Fessette, Ronnie Wachter, Coach Dave Smitherman.

1982 Volleyball team

Team B - Front: Lisa Bonini, Carol Moratto, Noreen Dugan. Back: Lynn Manko, Rose Buchner, Sharon Graham, Renee Arduini.

1982 Volleyball team

Team C - Front: Elaine Stewart, Kim Pelone, Lele Cahill. Back: Vicki Leone, Michelle Trapolsi, Coach Michael Trapolsi, Lisa Phillips.

1982 Volleyball team

Team D - Front: Cindy Harney, Denise Smith, Janice Giegucz, Patty Anania, Janice Moratto. Back: Doris Graham, Coach Jeff Buskirk, Linda Phillips, Coach Danny O'Brien, Michelle Trill.

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* Reprinted from The Brookline Journal - 4/8/82 *

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