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Brookline Neighborhood BlockWatch

Block Watch meetings take place the second Tuesday of each month at District Justice Charles McLaughlin's  office at 736 Brookline Boulevard. Meetings begin at 7:00pm. All concerned residents are invited to attend. The purpose of the Brookline Block Watch Program is to report crimes and discuss local problems that have happened in the community. A telephone network of local Block Watches has been set up to alert members about situations involving their area.

Some frequently asked questions about the Block Watch Program:

What is the Block Watch Program?

* A joint effort between law enforcement and the community.
* A program designed to enhance neighborhood security.
* Organized to heighten community observation.
* A total effort to encourage mutual assistance among neighbors

Who needs Block Watch?

- The modern growing community in which there is more privacy and less familiarity. This condition increases a community's vulnerability to crime, and in turn it calls for a relationship that will tighten security and provide for mutual support and cooperation amongst community members.

What are the Block Watch Objectives?

To reduce the incidence of crime by:

* Increasing citizen's awareness of neighborhood crime through a continuing information process.
* Teaching citizens the means to more effective property security.
* Assisting citizens in the development of a neighborhood action program where mutual aid is the key.
* Educating citizen's so they will recognize and report suspicious activity in their community.
* Encouraging an effective working relationship between law enforcement and the organized community.

How can we all be better Block Watchers?

* By being aware of actions and activities around us.

Basically, anything that seems even slightly "out of place" or that is occurring at an unusual time of day could be criminal activity.

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