Soccer Fever! ... It's Alive in Brookline

Players gather around coach during
 pre-season practice, 1999.

If you're interested in knowing a little bit about soccer fever in Brookline, just look at these photos from the 2000 BYSA season. We've captured the opening day action and the skills competition. These photos will give you a good idea of what its like on a typical weekend at Moore Park during Brookline soccer season. Lots of action, lots of people and lots of fun with the Brookline Youth Soccer Association.

2000 Skills Competition Photos

The Scorers Table
Keeping A Vigil
The Shooting Gallery
Concession Stand
Perfect Form
200 Hot Dogs
Check and Recheck

Speed Dribbling
The Timekeeper
The Throw-in Stage
Taking His Shots
Aim For The Nose
Who's The Ham?
The Leader Board
First Stop - Punting

Booting A 90-Footer
Navigating The Cones
All Eyes On The Ball
Good Enough For Bronze
Shoot For Gold
Thanks Everyone
The Cheap Seats

* Photos provided by Tom Stephenson *

Golden Eagles Kristen and Mindy say the
 Advanced Division is cool.

2000 Opening Day Photos

A Look Of Confidence
"We'll Get'm Next Time"
Gimme Your Best Shot
"Put Me In, Coach"
A Nice Kick Save
A Quick Photo, Please
PA West Signups
Next Up, ChrisLynn
Keeping It Inbounds
Did I Forget Something?
"Stay Under The Porch"
Racing For The Ball
Double Hat-Trick
A Ball In The Rain
Gimme A "Little Hug"
Some Warm-Up Shots
What The Doctor Ordered

A Keepers Best Friend
Not On My Watch
Stretching The Hamstrings
Outstretched by a SixPack
Working It Downfield
Another Goal For Kribels
Staying Out Of The Rain
Going Toe-To-Toe
Halftime Instructions
Time To Get Wet
The Chase Is On
Directing Traffic
The Concession Stand
Peace On Earth...
Waiting Patiently
A Time For Celebration
Picture Forms

Pre-Game Instructions
Who'll Stop The Rain
Ready To Rumble
A Wall Of Defenders
Raw Talent Unleashed
The Team To Beat
The Ball Has Eyes
Turn Up The Heat
K9's On The Prowl
Pre-Game Lineup
A Taste Of Honey
An Excellent Start
Calm Before The Storm
Magnificent Goaltending
Fancy Footwork
Leghart & Company
Baseball Is Life?

* Photos provided by Clint Burton *

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