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Week #5 - September 27, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	September 27, 2008                           @ McGibbeny Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	BROOKLINE 26 - Brentwood 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Jakob Richardson run (conversion failed)
	Jakob Richardson run (conversion failed)
	Cullin Baker run (Gaige Grzelka run)
	Branden Wysong run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Jakob Richardson, Branden Wysong (2),
			 Zack Liddle
	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2008                 @ McGibbeny Field


	Brentwood 6 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Cole Salicce, Noah Rodgers

	NOTES: The first half saw sloppy play by both teams. A series
	of fumbles accounted for most of the first quarter action. The
	Knights offense had a difficult time moving the ball even when
	it held on to it. Only quarterback Brent Ivory seemed able to
	scratch out a few yards, but those were good for only a first

	Brentwood, on the other hand, was able to convert a Brookline
	turnover into a six-point lead late in the second quarter. A
	fine stop by Ivory and Jeremy Jenkins on the conversion
	attempt kept the score close, 6-0, at halftime.

	Late in the second half, the Knight offense began to show
	flickers of light. A fumble stymied their first promising
	drive, but after tough defense by Jenkins, Joel Wert, Marshal
	White and Cole Salicce stopped Brentwood cold, Brookline got
	one more chance to take control with decent field position.

	Branden Wysong and Darryl Daniels combined to move the sticks
	twice, but there wasn't enough time left on the clock to
	capitalize on their efforts. When the final horn sounded, the
	Dukes breathed a sigh of relief and left the playing field
	with a 6-0 victory.

	Thanks to Lisa Richardson for providing game information.
	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2008                 @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 30 - Brentwood 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Christian Frazier run (Christian Frazier run)
	Kenny White pass from Sharron Steave (Sharron Steave run)
	Sharron Steave run (conversion failed)
	Kenny White run (Jake Devers run)

	Fumble Recovery: Sharron Steave, Tim Persons,
			 Christian Frazier

	NOTES: The nine year old Knights offense finally broke the ice
	and showed how they can move the ball with consistency and put
	points on the scoreboard. The defensive unit welcomed the rest
	and responded by holding the Brentwood offense to just one
	score in the Knights 30-8 victory.

	Fantastic running by Sharron Steave, Kenny White and Christian
	Frazier fueled the resurgent Knights. Even the passing game
	was on target, as Steave hooked up with White for the second
	Brookline touchdown of the afternoon. The spirited offensive
	effort was denied a fifth touchdown when a 52 yard run by
	Steave as the game clock expired was called back on a penalty.

	We already knew that this team could play defense. Now that
	the offense has proven it's ability to score, what once looked
	dreadful has shown it's promising side. Let's hope that the
	confidence boost leads to a better and brighter future.

	Thanks to the Team Moms and Coach Darrell for providing game
	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2008                 @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 20 - Brentwood 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Loren Wicks 7 run (conversion failed)
	Loren Wicks 2 run (Mentchaas Anderson run)
	Joey Shulik 15 run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Corey Bogaski (2)
	Fumble Recovery: Nick Manuel

	NOTES: Coach Mike Manuel's Knights showed that they are much
	more than a one-person team. They shook off the loss of	runner
	Taylor Thornton and came back with an impressive performance
	against	the Brentwood Dukes. Led by quarterback Loren Wicks
	and a stingy defense, the Knights dominated the contest.

	On the Knight's first possession, Wicks took off on a 48 yard
	scamper to the Brentwood seven, then followed with a QB sneak
	for seven more, and a six-point lead. A fumble on their next
	possession negated a long punt return by Amaree Hatcher. On
	their third series, however, the Knights moved the ball
	downfield with a sustained drive.

	Long runs by Mentchaas Anderson and a crucial fourth down
	catch by Hatcher positioned the Knights with a 1st and goal at
	the Duke two yard line. Wicks followed with a two yard plunge,
	and Anderson added the conversion to build up a 14-0 lead. Two
	interceptions by Corey Bogaski stifled the Duke offense for
	the remainder of the half.

	The second half brought the rain, but that did not dampen the
	Knight offense. They took the kickoff and went right to work.
	An acrobatic catch and long dash by Mark Roell looked like the
	next Brookline score, but a fumble at the three yard line put
	out that fire. This didn't stop the Knights from turning up
	the heat.

	A Nick Manuel fumble recovery at the Brentwood 15 gave the
	ball back to the Knights. Joey Shulik capitalized on the gift
	with a 15 yard touchdown run, bringing the 3rd quarter score
	to 20-0. A fourth quarter touchdown by the Dukes ended the
	shutout bid, and the final score read: Knights 20 - Dukes 6.

	Thanks to Jen Haskins for providing game information.
	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2008                 @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 36 - Brentwood 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Khalil Sanders 25 run
		(David Suwalski pass from Connor McGinnis)
	Khalil Sanders 15 run (conversion failed)
	Khalil Sanders 10 run (Chad Gregorius run)
	Connor McGinnis 46 run
		(Michael Roper pass from Connor McGinnis)
	Connor McGinnis 2 run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Connor McGinnis
	Fumble Recovery: Michael Roper, Zacheria Sesay

	NOTES: It was another impressive performance by the mighty
	Knights of Brookline. Khalil Sanders went on a scoring spree
	with three consecutive touchdown runs and Connor McGinnis
	added one of his own as Brookline built up a 30-0 halftime
	lead. Defensively, the Knights strangled the Brentwood offense
	in another display of coordinated carnage.

	The Knights first possession of the second half saw McGinnis
	follow a long dash by Sanders with his second scoring run of
	the day. Afterwards, the second string offense, led by backup
	quarterback Joe Bonnar, did a good job of managing the ball.
	Running backs Julius Noel and Giovanni DeMarzo helped eat up
	the clock with a few timely runs and the defense kept a
	stranglehold on the Brentwood attack.

	An anonymous on-the-field witness said that safety Tony Manuel
	executed a perfect blitz and just "highlight sticked" an
	unsuspecting Duke. Manuel's thunderous hit was but one in a
	highlight reel of great plays by our mighty Knights!

	Thanks to Stacey Salicce and our anonymous on-the-field source
	for providing game information.
	WEEK #5 - September 27, 2008                 @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 16 - Brentwood 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Louie Rotunda 15 pass from Zach Spath
		(Tonyea Curry pass from Zach Spath)
	Michael Ignasky 15 run (Louie Rotunda pass from Zach Spath)

	Interception: Louie Rotunda

	NOTES: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary defines an enigma
	as: something hard to understand or explain. Once again, our
	Knights started off slowly, and once again, our Knights pulled
	themselves together, this time emerging with a 16-14 victory
	over the Dukes of Brentwood. With a defense that bends but
	don't quite break, and an offense that mixes penalties and
	fumbles equally with raw grit and determination, this Knights
	team is a good example of an enigma.

	Brentwood struck quickly after an early Brookline turnover
	gave the Dukes the ball at the Knights five yard line. A good
	conversion made the score 8-0. After a difficult opening
	quarter, the offense began to gain its composure. A 50 yard
	punt return by Tonyea Curry sparked a rally. A fifteen yard
	scoring pass from quarterback Zach Spath to Louie Rotunda and
	a good conversion toss to Curry evened the score at halftime.

	The third quarter saw the momentum shift back to Brentwood. A
	touchdown midway through the period put them back on top 14-8.
	The Knights defense made a critical stop on the conversion
	attempt, then held on against a persistent Brentwood attack.
	Led by Nick Sywyj, Brookline kept the Dukes silent for the
	remainder of the game, almost, and it was time for the offense
	to come together.

	Midway through the fourth quarter, the offense answered the
	call. Armed with good field possession, the Knights began to
	move. Michael Ignasky found the endzone with a 15 yard run,
	tying the score. Spath then lofted a perfect toss into the
	waiting arms of Rotunda, putting the Knights on top 16-14 with
	only four minutes to play.

	An interception and 38 yard return by Rotunda on the Duke's
	next possession gave the ball back to Brookline deep in
	Brentwood territory. That should have been all, but remember,
	this team is presently an enigma, so the drama must go on ...

	The offense went four plays without moving and turned the ball
	over with seconds to go on the clock. Game Over? Not today.

	On the final play, a Brentwood runner split the middle of the
	Knight defensive line and somehow broke free. The Duke raced
	sixty yards downfield. The roar from the Brentwood crowd was
	deafening as victory drew nearer with each step.

	Not today! In hot pursuit all the way, Knight Jacob Lowden
	tackled the wood-be game-breaker at the five yard line. Like
	stereo, the crowd roar switched from one side of the stadium
	to the other, and the enigmatic Knights took home a win!

	Thanks to Leslie Maiorano for providing game information.

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