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Week #4 - September 17/18, 2011

Brookline Knights

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	September 18, 2011                           @ Moon High School

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	Moon 14 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Brandon Pezzelle 70 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Tristan Koonce

	NOTES: Brandon Pezzelle gave the Knights an early lead with a
	seventy yard touchdown run on the opening play of the game.
	Moon fought back and tied the game at six-apiece by halftime.
	With four minutes to go in the second half, the Tigers scored
	once more to secure the final margin of victory. The little
	Knights are playing some pretty good football. In four games
	they have a 2-2 record and a slight two-point edge over their
	opponents in total scoring, 28-26. They're giving as good as
	they get. At this age that's all that really matters.
	WEEK #4 - September 18, 2011                @ Moon High School


	Moon 14 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Brandon McGough 60 interception return (conversion failed)

	Interception: Brandon McGough

	NOTES: The eight-year olds opened the contest with a bang.
	Brandon McGough intercepted a Moon Tiger pass and returned it
	sixty yards for an early 6-0 Brookline lead. Moon fought back
	and tied the game at six-apiece early in the second quarter.
	The two teams then played to a standstill until midway through
	the final period. Moon mounted a touchdown drive with four
	minutes remaining to seal a 14-6 Tiger victory.
	WEEK #4 - September 18, 2011                @ Moon High School

	BROOKLINE 32 - Moon 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 5 run (Marques Watson run)
	Marques Watson 4 run (Marques Watson run)
	Marques Watson 1 run (Marques Watson run)
	Nick Roell 4 run (Marques Watson run)

	Fumble Recovery: Nick Roell, Nick DelMastro, Dominic Leonard,
	                 Marques Watson
Brookline's offense kept grinding away at
the Moon Tigers, like an inexorable force.
	NOTES: Brookline's Nines made it four-in-a-row with a 32-8 win
	over the Moon Tigers. Led by running back Marques Watson, the
	Knights kept up a relentless offensive attack. Defensively,
	Brookline again did a great job of shutting down the opponent.

	Watson got things rolling with two first quarter touchdowns.
	Moon countered with a score midway through the second quarter.
	Brookline's third sustained drive ended with another Watson
	eight-pointer. The Knights went into halftime leading 24-8.
The cheerleaders put on an excellent halftime show.
	Moon fumbled away their first two second half opportunities.
	Dominic Leonard ripped off a couple of good runs, helping the
	Knights force their way back into Moon territory. Brookline's
	final scoring drive ended with a Nick Roell plunge up the
	middle and Watson's fourth conversion run of the game.

	Coach Mike Orsi's Nines are on a roll and playing some good
	football. This was a classic ball-control game. Limiting
	penalties and using the sturdy Watson as a battering ram is
	working well. The offensive and defensive lines are playing
	strong. Work hard and keep up these winning ways.
Quarterback Nick Roell plunges forward
for the Knights fourth touchdown.

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	WEEK #4 - September 18, 2011                @ Moon High School


	Moon 32 - BROOKLINE 8
	Scoring Summary:

	Nathan Ault 20 run (Nathan Ault run)

	Fumble Recovery: Edward May
Brookline's defense could not stem the Red Tide.
	NOTES: The ten-year old Knights took another shot to the chin
	at Moon High School, dropping their fourth straight, this time
	by a score of 32-8. Armed only with a thirteen-man roster and
	plenty of determination, these Knights do take a lickin', but
	they keep on tickin'. That's what endears them to us all.
The cheerleaders kept the crowd engaged.
	The Moon offense ran wild during the first half, building a
	thirty-two point lead on four touchdowns. Brookline went into
	the halftime break ... "situation normal, all screwed up."

	Edward May began the second half by recovering an onside kick.
	It was a turning point. Brookline's defense began plugging the
	leaks and the offense slowly began to move. A promising fourth
	quarter drive fizzled at the Moon fifteen yard line.
Nathan Ault (#56) has scored all twenty of
Brookline's points so far this season.
	A good defensive effort kept the ball in Tiger territory on
	the twenty yard line. Quarterback Nathan Ault bootlegged left
	and covered that distance for a Brookline touchdown. He added
	two more with a burst up the middle for the conversion. The
	final minute saw a flurry of offense by the Knights, with
	long runs by Ault and Cole McMullan, before time expired.	
	WEEK #4 - September 18, 2011                @ Moon High School


	BROOKLINE 20 - Moon 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Quran Powe 63 pass from Brent Ivory (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 6 run (Quran Powe run)
	Quran Powe 85 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Lamar Lewis, Trevor Hazen (2), Quran Powe
Pre-game weigh-in.
	NOTES: Brookline's eleven-year old Knights returned to Moon
	High School hoping to avenge last season's 30-6 loss to the
	Tigers. Coach Joe had his posse primed and ready for battle.
	Moon proved to be a tough opponent. This time Brookline was
	tougher. After forty minutes of hard-nosed football, the
	Knights left Tiger Stadium with a well-deserved 20-6 win.

	The first half was a struggle. Moon opened the game with a
	fifty-six yard touchdown pass for an early 6-0 lead. Quran
	Powe answered one minute later, taking a Brent Ivory screen
	and running sixty-three yards to even the score at six-all.
Quarterback Brent Ivory has a lot of tools at
his disposal, including #20 Darryl Daniels.
	Minutes later, Brookline threatened again. Lamar Lewis pounced
	on a Tiger fumble. Lamar then caught an Ivory pass to position
	the Knights in Moon territory. The drive stalled four plays
	later. The Tigers got their chance late in the second quarter
	after recovering a fumble at the Knight thirty yard line. One
	Red Runner broke free on the next play. A diving tackle by
	Powe stopped him thirteen yards short of the goal. The Tiger
	offense could move no further. Time expired in the half.
The cheerleaders did a great job!
	A fumble on the second half kickoff gave Moon excellent field
	position. The Tigers gained three first downs before Brookline
	could stem the tide. The Knights took over on their sixteen
	yard line. Ivory then led Brookline on a long march. He passed
	for four first downs and converted on three critical fourth
	down plays. All the while, Ivory was under persistent pressure
	from a strong Moon rush. Powe's six yard touchdown burst with
	7:54 remaining in the game put Brookline in control.
Dominick Emma helps stop a Tiger runner.
	The Moon Tigers were far from subdued. They took the kickoff
	and mounted another long drive. Brookline's defense got tough
	and stopped the threat at the Knight fourteen yard line. Soon
	afterwards, a poor Brookline punt repositioned Moon back in
	the redzone. Trevor Hazen restored order with a timely fumble
	recovery at the fifteen. Moon's final threat was terminated.

	With 2:47 left on the clock, Powe put the Tigers on ice with
	his third touchdown of the game, an eighty-five yard run that
	ended with the Knights firmly in command, 20-6. Game over!
Quran Powe had another excellent game.
He makes scoring toucdowns look easy.
	This was another fine game for the Knights. The defense turned
	in a strong effort. The offense exhibited more of the passing
	attack than in previous games. Quarterback Brent Ivory lit up
	the airwaves and had a great day. He took a beating, but kept
	his cool and led the aerial assault with dash and daring.
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	WEEK #4 - September 17, 2011                    @ Quarry Field


	Southside 46 - BROOKLINE 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Taylor Thornton 49 run (Anthony McCray run)

	Interception: Antonio Green, Thomas Wall
The Knights did not fare well against the Sabres.
	NOTES: The elder Knights traveled to the Five Points and were
	beaten, battered and bruised by Southside's Sabres, 46-8. The
	score at halftime was 24-0, and that increased to 46-0 midway
	through the fourth quarter. With four minutes to go, Taylor
	Thornton burst free from the shackels that held the Knight
	offense motionless for most of the game. Thornton's forty-nine
	yard touchdown run and Anthony McCray's successful conversion
	gave Brookline fans a reason to celebrate on an otherwise
	dismal evening.
The Knight offense struck late.
Better late than never.
	Next week's game against South Park has been ruled a forfeit.
	So, despite today's lack-luster performance, the Knights will
	take the field October 1 against Carlynton with a 2-2 record.
	That's not so bad. Things could be worse.

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