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Week #5 - September 24, 2011

Brookline Knights

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	September 24, 2011                  @ Carlynton Athletic Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	Carlynton 16 - BROOKLINE 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Zachary Kalsek 50 run (conversion failed)
	Keshawn Harris 40 run (Branndon Pezzelle run)

	Fumble Recovery: Zachary Kalsek

	NOTES: Brookline's little Knights lost a close one to the
	Carlynton Cougars, 16-14. Quarterback Zachary Kalsek put the
	Knights on the scoreboard quickly with a fifty yard run on the
	game's opening drive. The Cougars countered with a scoring run
	on their first possession. A good conversion put Carlynton on
	top 8-6. Brookline drove deep into Carlynton territory at the
	end of the half, but the drive stalled near the goal line as
	the game entered intermission.

	Keshawn Harris' forty yard touchdown dash, coupled with
	Branndon Pezzelle's conversion run gave the Knights a 14-8
 	lead early in the second half. The Cougars came roaring back
	with a sixty yard scoring run and conversion to reclaim the
	lead, 16-14. Brookline mounted one last drive before game's
	end. A long run by Pezzelle put the Knights on the Cougar one
	yard line. Brookline ran three plays but were unable to put
	the ball into the endzone before the game clock expired.
	WEEK #5 - September 24, 2011        @ Carlynton Athletic Field


	BROOKLINE 16 - Carlynton 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Grant Hamilton 25 run (conversion failed)
	Jamyle Liebro tackled runner in endzone - SAFETY
	Antwain Carter 10 run (Antwain Carter run)

	Fumble Recovery: Jamyle Liebro

	NOTES: The eight-year old Brookline Knights bounced back from
	consecutive losses with a strong 16-0 shutout victory over the
	Carlynton Cougars. The Knight offense put up their highest
	point total of the season while the defense turned in their
	best performance yet. Carlynton was held to negative yardage
	for the day and gained no first downs.

	Quarterback Grant Hamilton got things going with a twenty-five
	yard run for the Knights. The defense contributed two points
	when Jamyle Liebro and Brandon McGough tackled a Cougar	runner
	in the endzone for a safety. Before the half ended, Antwain
	Carter added a ten yard scoring burst and good conversion run
	for a 16-0 Brookline lead.

	The second half was played to a scoreless tie. Hamilton tossed
	a couple nice passes to McGough. Brookline couldn't capitalize
	on these big yardage plays. It was a tough week of drills for
	Coach Bruce's Knights. Their hard work paid off. These scrappy
	Knights are back above .500 with a 3-2 record.
	WEEK #5 - September 24, 2011        @ Carlynton Athletic Field

	BROOKLINE 32 - Carlynton 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 27 run (Marques Watson run)
	Dominic Leonard 11 run (Marques Watson run)
	Marques Watson 6 run (Marques Watson run)
	Quinn Hunter 24 pass from Nick Roell (Marques Watson run)

	Fumble Recovery: Jahmaine Hatten, Aidan Logan

	NOTES: Brookline's Nines remain undefeated with a convincing
	32-0 drubbing of the Carlynton Cougars. Marques Watson had
	another outstanding day running the football, while Dominic
	Leonard and Quinn Hunter joined the Knights scoring parade.
	Brookline scored all of their points in the first half.

	Defensively, the Knights completely throttled the Carlynton
	attack. Hard hits by J.B. Nelson forced two Cougar tournovers,
	and fine play by Ambre Hunter and Zachary Munn helped lead
	Brookline to their second shutout of the season.

	Next week's game versus Brentwood has been ruled a forfiet
	victory for the Knights, giving Brookline a 6-0 record going
	into their October 9 game against Baldwin.
	WEEK #5 - September 24, 2011        @ Carlynton Athletic Field


	Carlynton 36 - BROOKLINE 0
	WEEK #5 - September 24, 2011        @ Carlynton Athletic Field


	BROOKLINE 28 - Carlynton 14

	Scoring Summary:

	Darryl Daniels 70 run (conversion failed)
	Lamar Lewis 40 pass from Brent Ivory (Quran Powe run)
	Quran Powe 52 punt return
		(Jakob Richardson pass from Brent Ivory)
	Quran Powe 32 run (time expired)

	Interception: Lamar Lewis

	NOTES: Coach Joe's eleven-year olds continued their unbeaten
	streak by taming the Cougars of Carlynton. The final score was
	28-14, but the game was never in doubt. Brookline dominated
	the contest on both sides of the ball. The halftime score was:
	Brookline 22 - Carlynton 0.

	The Cougars two second half touchdowns gave the hometown fans
	reason to cheer, but by then the cats had already been caged.

	The defense played an outstanding game. The down linemen, Josh
	Gmys, Trevor Hazen and Dominic Emma, and the ends, Will Rupert
	and Khalil Weathers, controlled the line of scrimmage. Cougar
	runners ran into a brick wall. The offensive line, featuring
	Weathers, Hazen, Emma, Gmys, Rupert and Daejon Brentley, gave
	Brookline backs ample room for some slash and dash. Good work!

	The Knights now sport a 5-0 record with three games remaining.
	WEEK #5 - September 24, 2011          @ South Park Fairgrounds


	BROOKLINE 7 - South Park 0 (forfiet)

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