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Record: 9-0

The Brookline Knights Reclaim The SSYFL Title
Coach Brian Wins One For The Thumb

On November 3, 2013, the thirteen-year old Brookline Knights played in the Super Bowl for the second time in three years, and triumphed over the Bethel Park Hawks, 20-6. The victory was Brookline's ninth in a row, capping off an unblemished 9-0 season. After the game, the proud Knights gathered at midfield and hoisted the glimmering trophy, proclaiming themselves champions of the SSYFL. It is a title they also held two seasons ago.

For the Knights, the return to the top was a long, hard road. After the exhilaration of the 2011 title, the team fell on tough times last year, posting a 3-6 record. This season, the Brookline players were determined to regain their championship swagger.

The path to the Knights undefeated season began on August 24, when Brookline took on the Moon Tigers. It was a time when the team was still feeling the sting of the previous year's losing effort. Nagging doubts threatened to derail the campaign before it started. Adding to the anxiety, several key players were unable to make weight and others were not present.

Reserve quarterback Evan Miller started the game and went down early with an injury. The Knights turned to Nathan Ault, a twelve-year old backup. Ault rose to the task and led the team on two scoring drives. The defense contributed another twelve points on takeaways.

First-year Knight Raekwon Caldwell, playing on an injured ankle, returned both a fumble and an interception for touchdowns. The Knights squeaked by the Tigers, 26-22. This first game, won under difficult circumstances, was the catalyst in reversing the Knights kharma. The Moon victory was just what the team needed to restore its confidence.

Nathan Ault played a fine game in the
opening contest against the Moon Tigers.    Raekwon Caldwell had two takeaways that
he returned for touchdowns in game one.
In Week #1, Nathan Ault (#22) and Raekwon Caldwell (#7) provided the spark that ignited the Knight season.

The roster soon stabilized, and from that point on the squad grew stronger game-by-game. After a decisive victory in Week #2 over North Hills, and two dominating wins over West Mifflin, the 4-0 Knights squared off at home against the undefeated Bethel Park Hawks. In an early-season clash of titans, Brookline crushed Bethel Park, 40-6.

After vanquishing North Hills and Moon for a second time, Brookline traveled to Bethel for a rematch in the regular season finale. A Hawk victory would put the teams in a tie for first place. On a wet, cold night, the Knights prevailed in a hard-fought contest, this time with a thrilling 12-6 overtime victory.

By virtue of their respective first and second place finishes, Brookline and Bethel Park met once again in the Super Bowl game at Montour Stadium. In another bone-crunching contest, the Knights and Hawks battled for pride and glory. The outcome of the game hung in the balance for three quarters, until a critical Bethel turnover and a pair of quick Brookline touchdowns sealed the Knight victory.

Brookline's champions raise
the 2013 Super Bowl Trophy.
Brookline's champions raise the 2013 Super Bowl Trophy.

The championship win was the culmination of four months of blood, sweat and toil. The Knights put aside adversity and triumphed over every obstacle in their path. This was their moment of glory and, for those who had stood in the championship spotlight two years ago, the taste of victory was much sweeter the second time around.

Coached by Brian Nicholas, the Brookline roster featured a strong core of veterans from the 2011 squad. The depth chart was complemented by some new players. These fresh faces included twelve-year olds that moved up into the dual age-group and a few transfers from the now-defunct Southside Sabre program. Ironically, the Sabres were once Brookline's main adversary. Coach Brian took this unique cadre of former rivals and molded them into a very solid football team.

Brookline's offense was led by starting quarterback Jeremy Jenkins, who took over this year after several seasons in the backup role. Jenkins had an arsenal of potent weapons at his disposal. His running backs included Quran Powe, Curtis Bradley and Caldwell. Wide receiver Brent Ivory provided the deep threat and Khalil Weathers played tight end.

Quarterback Jeremy Jenkins did a fine
job running the Brookline offense.    Quran Powe scored 116 points for the season.
Quarterback Jeremy Jenkins did a fine job orchestrating the offense. His main weapon was running back Quran Powe.

The offensive linemen were Justice Jones, Nathan Kendall, L.J. Orbovich, Dominick Emma, Mar Oaks and Trevor Hazen. These trench warriors were adept at opening the holes that powered the Knight attack forward. The offense averaged three touchdowns a game, with twenty-three coming on the ground and six through the air.

On the other side of the line, the Knight defense was anchored by the strong front line of Weathers, Hazen, Justin Howell, Emma, Kendall and Oaks. The linebackers were Powe, Caldwell, Bradley and Jones, while Jenkins, Ivory and Miller played safety. Led by the ferocious play of Powe, the Knight defenders consistently executed a strong, hard-hitting game plan that often left their opponents feeling shaken and stirred. The Knight defenders also contributed four touchdowns on takeaways, with three by Caldwell and one by Powe.

Overall, Brookline outscored their nine opponents by the combined score of 270-96. Powe was the Knights top producer, with eighteen touchdowns and 116 points. Caldwell added six touchdowns and Bradley five. Ivory and Jenkins scored three each, while Weathers ran for two and Sylvio Cercone caught one. Jenkins passed for five scores and Miller threw for one. Powe's touchdown total included five kick returns.

The Brookline Knights players
celebrate their Super Bowl triumph.
The Brookline Knights players celebrate their Super Bowl triumph.

For Coach Brian Nicholas, the championship victory was a fitting end to his legendary career as an instructor and mentor with the Knights program. Brian coached for fifteen years, from 1993 to 2007, capturing four league crowns along the way. This year he returned to the sideline, after a five-year absence, for a final attempt at the elusive one-for-the-thumb. His fifth title proves that the number sixteen truly can be sweet.

Speaking of long-term achievements, this year was significant for another Brookline Knight. Quran Powe, playing in his final season, finished his remarkable career with exactly 500 points. Over the past four seasons, Quran has lit up the scoreboard seventy-eight times and added sixteen two-point conversions. The prolific speedster is the only Brookline Knight in forty years to reach the five hundred point mark.

Brookline's roster included six players who have been with the Knights program since 2008. Each has advanced through the various age groups from eight to thirteen without missing a season. These distinguished graduates include Brent Ivory, Jeremy Jenkins, Trevor Hazen, Branden Wysong, Joel Wert and Jacob Graham. Three of these Knights (Ivory, Hazen and Graham) began their playing careers as seven-year olds in 2007.

Finally, regarding the sweet taste of victory, there were three junior players on the roster who have been with the Knights since they were eight years old. In those four years, from 2009 to 2012, their teams had posted a 7-25 record and never once made the playoffs. Congratulations to Nathan Ault, L.J. Orbovich and Seth Derrick. These three young Knights now know the meaning of the celebatory phrase, "How Sweet It Is!"

The Players and Coaches

2013 13-Under Team

The Brookline Knights 13-Under Team
2013 SSYFL Champions!

Raekwon Caldwell (7), Justice Jones (26), Amir Bey-Davis (58), Tymugyn "Mar" Oaks (9), Anthony Carrington (28), Seth Derrick (70), Evan Miller (10), Quran Powe (32), Joel Wert (72), Curtis Bradley (12), Sylvio Cercone (33), Trevor Hazen (78), Logen Solomon (20), Dominick Emma (34), Branden Wysong (80), Nathan Ault (22), Jacob Graham (40), Nathan Kendall (84), Khalil Weathers (24), Robert Sherene (42), Justin Howell (95), Brent Ivory (31), L.J. Orbovich (54) and Jeremy Jenkins (14). The Head Coach is Brian Nicholas. The Assistant Coaches are Scott Hazen and Kenny Jones.

Game Results

Game 1 - Brookline 26 <> Moon 22
Game 2 - Brookline 30 <> North Hills 6
Game 3 - Brookline 38 <> West Mifflin 6
Game 4 - Brookline 40 <> West Mifflin 14

Game 5 - Brookline 40 <> Bethel Park 6
Game 6 - Brookline 28 <> North Hills 14
Game 7 - Brookline 34 <> Moon 0
Game 8 - Brookline 12 <> Bethel Park 6

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SSYFL Super Bowl

Brookline 20 <> Bethel Park 6

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The Cheerleaders

2013 Cheerleaders - 13-Under

Tania Bennett, Kara Devers, Alexandra Maxwell, Cassandra Cagey, Shiloh Dougherty, Sandra McElroy, Rebecca Carrozzi, Kassidy McKown, Rhiannon Carrozzi, Mariah Green, Riley McKown, Keira Coleman, Tatum Hazen, Lauren Vargo, Alyssa Darden, Kassidy Garafolo, Jaida Heidkamp and Brogan Victor. The coaches are Pam Carrozzi, Christina Cagey and Megan Falce.

The cheerleaders perform at the Super Bowl - 11/3/13    The cheerleaders perform at the Super Bowl - 11/3/13
Brookline's cheerleaders performed flawlessly at the Super Bowl on November 3, 2013.

Brookline cheerleaders at the Super Bowl - 11/17/12
The girls worked hard all year long. Congratulations to Brookline's cheerleaders on another fantastic season.

Banquet And Awards Presentation

Coach Brian addresses the crowd.    The Brookline Knights.
Coach Brian addresses the crowd at the Banquet and Awards Presentation on December 8, 2013.
The SSYFL Champion Brookline Knights gather for one last team photo.

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