Resurrection Church and School
Construction of Activities Center - 1964/65

Resurrection Activities Center
Construction - September 1965

Here is a series of photos from 1964 and 1965 showing the final addition built on the Resurrection Parish grounds. It was the culmination of Father Keefer's Era of Expansion. Construction began in the fall of 1964 and the building was completed in time for the 1965/1966 school year.

The new addition contained several classrooms, a meeting and banquet room (The Garden Room) and a gym/auditorium. Resurrection Elementary now had all of the facilities necessary to provide religious, academic and physical education to their Brookline students. It was unfortunate that only thirty years later, after the 1995/1996 school year, Resurrection Elementary would cease opertion due to declining enrollment and the increasing financial burden on the diocese.

Resurrection Activities Center
Construction - December 1964

Since the school closing, the building has been in constant use for a number of educational programs. Resurrection still has CCD education for the parish youth, and the activities center is used by Brookline Regional Catholic. The Pittsburgh Public Schools also conduct special education classes. So, despite the loss of the once proud Resurrection Elementary School and the Ressi Raiders, the building is still serving the educational and spiritual needs of the Brookline community in many ways.

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