Brookline Memorial Recreation Center
The Blizzard of February 2010

9:00am the morning of Feb. 6, 2010. The snow
is still falling. By noon 21.1 inches had fallen.
On Feb 9th and 10th another 7.9 inches fell.

On Friday, February 5, the snow began to fall. By the time the Rec Center closed at 9:00pm six inches had fallen. The blizzard continued until noon the following day. By then, the total reached 21.1 inches. The city was declared a disaster area. Several Citiparks Centers, including Brookline Memorial, were opened as warming places for the thousands of citizens without power.

Three days later another snowstorm hit, dumping an additional 7.9 inches. On Friday the 12th, the big cleanup began in earnest. City trucks and plows scoured the community, removing mounds of snow from the streets and dumping the loads in the lower parking lot. The situation slowly improved as the streets were cleared.

Bellaire Place in Brookline - February 6, 2010  Bellaire Place in Brookline - February 6, 2010
On February 6, 2010, residents on Bellaire Place woke to a whopping 21.1 inches.

As in all crisis', it was heartening to see so many people coming together to help clear snow, gather groceries and extend a helping hand in so many other ways. As for the snow, tolerance does have its limits. Snow is forecast for the remainder of the month. When it's all over, February 2010 may go down as the snowiest month on record in Pittsburgh. Keep smiling, folks, and keep the shovels handy!

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Note: It kept snowing that month, and by the end of February 2010 a total of 48.7 inches had fallen in Pittsburgh, shattering the previous February record of 25.3 inches set in 2003. At the park there was a twenty foot pile of snow in front of the Recreation Center and we were still shoveling snow in other park area in April. It was a crazy time.

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Feb 11 - Clearing the patio and sidewalk.
The plow truck cleared and salted the lot.  Feb 11 - Junior, Kristin and Milan shoveling.

Feb 11 - Private parking for Junior.  Feb 11 - Beth sweeps the sidewalk clean.

Feb 12 - The city trucks began dumping snow in the
lower parking lot during the neighborhood Snow Blitz.
(Post-Gazette Photo - Click on photo for P-G article)  Feb 16 - The snow pile grew quite large.

Elsewhere in Brookline

Brookline Boulevard.  Rossmore Avenue.
Brookline Boulevard and Rossmore Avenue.

Brookline Boulevard.  Rossmore Avenue.
Woodbourne Avenue and Pioneer Avenue.

Mayville Avenue.
A look up Mayville Avenue a few days after the storm.

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