The Brookline Memorial Recreation Center
Earth Day - April 21, 2012
Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Project

The Brookline Park Cleanup Crew

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APRIL 21 - In honor of Earth Day 2012, the boys and girls of Brookline came together for the 8th annual Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful "Pick It Up, PA" project, part of the Great American Cleanup. One team worked their way through Brookline Park, then along Breining Street, Brookline Boulevard and Fitch Way, while another went west to tidy up Moore Park. Despite a steady drizzle, when all was finished, these hardy youngsters had collected quite an assortment of garbage and discarded debris.


The Cleanup Project here in Brookline was coordinated by Keith Knecht of the South Pittsburgh Development Corporation (SPDC), a local community action group. The city-wide effort was directed by coordinators from the Pennsylvania Resources Council. Across the city, Pittsburgh Citiparks Recreation Centers also joined in their neighborhood efforts. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is statewide effort to help eliminate illegal dumping and littering in Pennsylvania. Every year on Earth Day weekend, concerned citizens throughout the state join in the pickup.

Moore Park Cleanup     Thanks to the Girl Scouts!
The Girl Scouts did a great job at Moore Park and earned a new patch.

Aside from the work done in and around Brookline's two public parks, several other teams of local volunteers worked on different areas of the community. It was nice to see so many people showing such dedication and community spirit.

Brookline is a Pittsburgh neighborhood where it is nice to get out and take a walk. Whether it's a stroll along the Boulevard, or a trip to the park, one thing always seems to stand out: trash. This is a community that is, as it's motto proclaims, full of character, charm and convenience. Brookline is home to over 13,000 residents. Let's do what it takes to help keep it clean.

Luke, Phil, Nikki, Connor and Richie
worked hard and did a great job.
Luke Richie, Phil Tranter, Nicole Tibbets, Connor Thompson and Richard Dunner.

A litter-free neighborhood can make such a difference in so many ways. Home sales, commercial growth and capital investment all increase when the quality and appearance of a community are maintained. The quality of life in Brookline is not at issue here. This is one of the best neighborhoods in the city to live and prosper. It's the appearance that needs maintenance.

It's time to come together and take a bite out of trash. There are many options available, like SPDC'S Adopt-a-Street program. The main effort, however, has to come from the average homeowner, pedestrian and park-goer. Please make an effort to use the available trash receptacles, and if you see a discarded plastic bottle lying in your path, take a moment to pick it up and drop it in the nearest can. Together, we can all help make Brookline a better, and cleaner, place for everyone.

Thanks Keith!
The wet and weary volunteers from SPDC finished the day at Cannon Coffee.

Thanks to the following individuals for coming out to help us rid Brookline and Moore Park of litter: Philip Tranter, Richard Dunner, Courtney Thompson, Luke Richie, Ciera Daniels, Connor Thompson, Rya Henderson, Steven Trettel, Patti Trettel, Nicole Tibbets, Stephanie Snyder, Michael Elwood, Keith Knecht, Dayle Lunn, Jenny Hoff, Clint Burton, Milan Tyler, Keith Knecht, Michelle Underwood, Kathy Rudolph, members of the Keystone Young Marines, and the Girl Scouts of Troop 51641: Bobbi Stewart, Delanie Staab, Emily Baum, Lexie Bouchard, Kayli Short, Shelby Lunn, Taylor Schanck, Madison Rothermund and Marci Mazzafredley. Thanks also to South Pittsburgh Development Corporation (SPDC), Antonio's Pizzeria, Cannon Coffee and our partners in Citiparks for their continued support of the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful project and our efforts here in Brookline Park.

Photos from Past Cleanups

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Thanks Keith!     Hungry workers
Keith Knecht after unloading the last cache of tires (left) and lots of hungry kids at the Brookline Recreation Center,
after a hard day's morning, eating pizza courtesy of South Pittsburgh Development and Antonio's Pizzeria.

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