Brookline Memorial Recreation Center
An Early Spring in 2012

There wasn't much of a winter to speak about after the ball fell to ring in the Year 2012. Above average temperatures in January and February, along with only a few minor dustings of snow, made the trauma of the Blizzard of February 2010 seem like a distant memory. At the Brookline Recreation Center, the winter programming went on as usual, but the balmy temperatures had everyone thinking of Spring.

The leap year happens only every four years, and in 2012 that extra day, February 29, 2012, had the unofficial designation as the starting date of an early Spring season. The temperature on Leap Day reached 65 degrees. In Brookline Park, flocks of robins made their appearance a few weeks earlier than in past seasons.

A mid-March heat wave brought the Spring season alive with a rush. From March 13 through March 23, temperatures soared over 70 degrees. In Brookline Park, misty mornings and flowering dogwood trees made for some picturesque views.

Below are a few pictures from March 17, 2012, showing some of that early spring splendor.

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