The Brookline Memorial Recreation Center
The Brookline Track Team

2000 Track Team

Coach Chuck Senft and the Brookline Track Team were regulars at the Hershey's Track and Field Yearly Competition. Coack Senft and his athletes have been a force for over 40 years, bringing home the team trophy 38 times in what was once the Jesse Owens Track and Field Games.

Every summer, from the mid-fifties through the year 2000, Brookline took its team of track and field hopefuls to the first round at South Stadium, then on to the District Playoffs at Pitt Stadium, then to Penn State for the State Championships, and then Hershey for the Finals.

For many of us Brookline kids it was our first chance to see how we could do at track and field. Events included speed dashes, distance running, standing long jump and softball throw. In my only attempt at glory, Bobby Beveridge and myself were in the softball throw, back in 1974. We both advanced to round two at Pitt Stadium, where I was eliminated. Bobby made it to the State Finals.

Several Brookline youths went all the way! I know there have to be quite a few over the years, but for the moment we will note two that I am aware of, Donna Caterino in 1979 and Melissa McClane in 1982.

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