Resurrection Elementary School
The Egyptian Room - 1996

Here are several photos from 1996 showing a special school project completed by the graduating Class of '96 known as "The Ressi-Rected Tomb. Knowing that the old school building would be closing for good after the school year was complete, the classmates transformed one of the rooms into a tomb of sorts, a timepiece full of information about the Age of the Pharoahs and the Era of the Ressi Raiders.

Not only was it an artistically significant endeavor, it was also quite an educational experience. The students learned many Egyptian customs and even mastered some hieroglyphics.

Once completed, the scholars showcased their creation with a hands-on seminar for the other students in the school. The project required considerable effort and time from the eighth graders.

For several years, the room remained as the students left it, much like the mystical tombs beneath the pyramids. It was symbolically unearthed by contractors in 2003 during the construction of Creedmoor Court Apartments.

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* Photos provided by Resurrection Archives *

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