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1998 Season In Review

Brookline Knights Midgets celebrate after
championship victory over Mount Oliver.
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Congratulations Brookline Knights Midgets and Mitey-Mites

The 1998 season was the first year for the Brookline Knights website. It was the 25th year for the Knights football program. The past four years had seen an upsurge in the program, and the teams were doing what they did best, win football games. The Midgets were coming off back-to-back championships, the Mitey-Mites were strong and Termites were looking to step up and keep pace with the big boys.

This was the year that Jo Jo Lamonde lit up the scoreboards with a record-tying 27 touchdowns. Along with quarterback Anthony Doria and receiver Chad Flora, Lamonde led the Midgets to a 12-0 record and their third consecutive WPMFL championship. The Mitey-Mites, led by Ross Ventrone, Darnell Payne and C.K. Mayo, also added their names to the Knights Hall of Champions. The Termite team, who lost their first four games, finished 4-1-1 and also made the playoffs, but were unable to match the post-season achievements of their brother Knights.

Enjoy this brief look back at the Brookline Knights 1998 season. Panning through the photos brings back some good memories. The Knights are one big family. The names and faces change as the years go by, but the camaraderie and thrill of it all lives on.

Team Photos
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  Brookline Knights Hall Of Champions  

1998 Overall Season Records

TEAM                      W     L     T      PF     PA

Brookline Midgets        12     0     0     381    118
Brookline Mitey-Mites     9     3     0     236    108
Brookline Termites        4     6     1      xx     xx

Game Photos
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1998 Termites
The Twerps
Vince Macellaro, Jason Shook and Sam Camarco
Twerps on defense.
pre-game warm-ups.
Termite cheerleaders doing their halftime routine.
Brookline sideline.
Termite game action.
Brookline Knights Termites.
Termites ready for action.
Coach Bill Blake watches as his runner tries
to get around Steel Valley Ironmen defenders.

Ryan 'Bubba' Thurner

1998 Mitey-Mites
Mitey-Mite offense moves against Mount Oliver.
Coaches Ray Ventrone and Earl Taylor.
Mitey-Mite offense.
Mitey-Mite defense versus Steel Valley Ironmen.

Brookline sideline.

  Brookline Mitey-Mites 1998 Game Results and Playoff Photos  

1998 Midgets
Knights vs. Swissvale
Knights vs. Swissvale
Knights vs. Swissvale
Knights vs. Swissvale
Halftime of Swissvale game.
Halftime of Swissvale game.
Jo Jo Lamonde scores against Mount Oliver.
Mount Oliver runner wrapped up by Knight defender.
Quarterback Anthony Doria leads the
offense against Mount Oliver.
Knight defense versus West Mifflin.
Jo Jo Lamonde breaks loose versus Steel Valley.
Knight offense versus Steel Valley.
Knights score touchdown against Steel Valley.
Steel Valley defender clings to a Knight runner.
The cheerleaders
Knights versus Steel Valley.
Coach Brian on the sideline.
The cheerleaders halftime routine.
Ryan Geigucz has firm grip on Steel Valley quarterback.
Brookline scores against Swissvale.
Knight defense versus West Mifflin.
Victorious Knights shake hands with
West Mifflin players after game.
The thrill of victory.
The cheerleaders
Lisa Blake
The cheerleaders did a good job all year.

Quarterback Anthony Doria     Coach Joe Nicholas

Jo Jo Lamonde tied the Knight's
all-time record with 27 touchdowns.
  Brookline Midgets 1998 Game Results and Playoff Photos  

* Photos provided by Clint Burton and Barbara Giegucz *

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