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Week #6 - October 4, 2008

Brookline Knights

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	WEEK #6 - October 4, 2008                    @ McGibbeny Field


	West Allegheny 28 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Brent Ivory
Our 8-year old Knights looked
good in the pre-game activities.
	NOTES: The morning was cold, and so were our little Knights.
	This Brookline offense is struggling. The defense tried their
	best. They helped keep the Knights in the game for the first
	half, but with an offense that finished the game with negative
	yardage, the burden was just too much and the wall crumbled.

	West Allegheny struck on their first possession with a 42 yard
	touchdown run. Penalties and backwards movement stymied the
	Knights three first half possessions. The Indians threatened
	again on their third possession. Good stops by Branden Wysong,
	Anthony Johnson and Marshal White ended the surge at the ten
	yard line. The game was still close at halftime, only 6-0.

	The Indians picked up where they left off at the start of the
	second half. A 45 yard touchdown run and a good conversion
	opened their lead to 14-0. A fumble recovery by Brent Ivory
	stopped the Indians next drive, but that was it. The Indian
	runners found the endzone twice more with runs of 22 and 47
	yards to bring the final score to 28-0.	
	WEEK #6 - October 4, 2008                    @ McGibbeny Field


	West Allegheny 18 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Kenny White 34 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Jake Devers

	NOTES: The 9-year old Knights faired better in the second game
	of the morning, but the end result was the same. The defense
	tried to hold the fort, but the Indian's relentless attack
	proved too much. The offense had some fine moments, but could
	not put enough of those fine plays together to score points.

	The game was a defensive stalemate during the first nineteen
	minutes. Neither team could generate much ball movement. An
	interception with 1:48 to go in the second quarter gave West
	Allegheny great field possession at the Knight's 23 yard line.
	On third and four, a sixteen yard Indian run put the ball at
	the one. With 30 seconds to go in the period, West Allegheny
	found the endzone for a 6-0 halftime lead.

	Brookline struck back at 5:04 in the third quarter when Kenny
	White took off around the left side and dashed 34 yards to the
	goal line. A failed conversion run left the score tied at 6-6.
	On the Knights next possession, Chadric Anderson got free and
	motored 52 yards into Indian territory. Sharron Steave
	followed up on the next play with a 37 yard touchdown run, but
	his score was called back on a false start penalty.

	From that point the Knight offense went into reverse. The same
	can not be said of the Indian's attack. From midfield, West
	Allegheny pushed forward with a couple good runs to the Knight
	one yard line. Their persistence paid off. A one yard plunge
	with 2:26 to go in the fourth quarter gave them a 12-6 lead.

	Brookline got the ball back and went twenty yards backwards.
	The Knights turned the ball over on downs at their own twelve
	with fifty seconds to go in the game. A nine yard touchdown
	run gave the Indians an 18-6 lead and sealed their victory.

	A 25 yard pass from Steave to Jake Devers on the final play of
	the game ended the contest on a positive note. Despite the
	loss, this team has improved quite a bit over the last two
	weeks. Our Knights played a good game against a good team.
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	WEEK #6 - October 4, 2008                    @ McGibbeny Field


	West Allegheny 34 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Adam Tonry, Amaree Hatcher, Carlyle Stokes

	NOTES: West Allegheny sent a war party of 10-year old Indians
	to plunder and pillage. By the end of this game, only the
	helmets on our Knights heads kept the invaders from leaving
	with a few scalps strung to their belts.

	Brookline took the opening kickoff and moved the sticks once.
	A long punt by Adam Tonry pinned the Indians back at their own
	nine yard line. Like Custer at the Little Big Horn, the sense
	of security and well-being was short-lived.

	On their third play from scrimmage, the Indians struck. An 80
	yard scoring run put the Knights on the defensive. The Knights
	second punt of the afternoon was returned fifty yards for the
	Indians second score. A fumble recovery by Tonry deflected the
	next arrow, but it wasn't enough to stem the charge. West
	Allegheny soon added a third score for a 20-0 halftime lead.

	Brookline's defense launched a counterattack in the third
	quarter with takeaways by Amaree Hatcher and Carlyle Stokes,
	but the offense was unable to make good on their gains. This
	only delayed the inevitable. Before it was over, the Indians
	responded with two more touchdowns to complete the massacre.
	WEEK #6 - October 4, 2008                    @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 14 - West Allegheny 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Khalil Sanders 32 pass from Connor McGinnis
		(Connor McGinnis run)
	Connor McGinnis 1 run (conversion failed)

	Interception: Gino Foster
	Fumble Recovery: Zacheria Sesay

	NOTES: A Knights fan looked at the schedule with anticipation
	of the game at North Hills next week. "That ought to be a
	great game," he said. A bystander responded, "West Allegheny
	is a good team. Tomorrow is going to be a tough one." How
	right he was.

	The mighty Knights of Brookline met their match against the
	Indians of West Allegheny in a hard fought, classic gridiron
	contest. The two teams slugged it out for forty minutes in
	a game that wasn't settled until the final minute of play.
	When it was over, the Knights emerged victorious over a
	determined and well-coached opponent.

	The Knights took the opening kickoff and went to work, like
	business as usual. After grinding out a quick first down,
	the offense lost its grip. A fumble on their fourth play
	led to a long West Allegheny drive. A 45 yard breakaway run
	was stopped from behind by Logan Salicce. Two plays later,
	however, a twenty yard pass found its mark and West Allegheny
	took a 6-0 lead! Some were speechless. Not Coach Donnie.

	Another fumble gave the ball back to the Indians at midfield.
	Their offense began to move again. A saving tackle by Khalil
	Sanders stopped a second breakaway runner, then Chad
	Gregorius dropped another. An interception by Gino Foster put
	out the fire and gave the Knights the boost they needed.

	A 35 yard pass from Connor McGinnis to Malik Petite got the
	offense out of its malaise. McGinnis followed with a 32 yard
	scoring toss to Sanders to even the score. Connor then
	punched it up the middle for the two-point conversion with
	three minutes to go in the second quarter. Sacks by McGinnis
	and Foster on the Indians next possession ensured Brookline
	an 8-6 lead at halftime. 
Halftime in paradise? Not this day.
The Knights had their hands full
with the Indians of West Allegheny.
Brookline rose to the challenge
and held off a tough opponent in
a tightly contested football game.
	The second half was no less a nail-biter. The Knights struck
	first. A fumble recovery by Zacheria Sesay and a long punt by
	McGinnis pinned the Indian offense deep in its own territory.
	Marty Shulik then blocked a punt that would have given
	Brookline the ball at the West Allegheny three yard line, but
	a roughing the kicker penalty forced a re-kick.

	Pressured a second time, the Indian punter flubbed the kick
	and it went out of bounds at the 24 yard line. Three runs
	moved the ball to the fourteen. McGinnis connected with David
	Suwalski for thirteen more to the one. From there, Connor
	powered it into the endzone, giving the Knights some breathing
	room with a 14-6 lead to start the fourth quarter. The failed
	conversion attempt kept the game open and nerves frayed.

	West Allegheny was undetered. On their next possession, an
	Indian receiver took a pass and sprinted sixty yards to close
	the gap to 14-12. The conversion toss was broken up by Joey
	"Special K" Kalsek, a fine leaping play that kept Brookline
	on top by a narrow two-point margin. You could hear Frank
	and Anita's voices in downtown Pittsburgh. Way to go Joe!

	David Suwalski pounced on the Indians onside kick attempt with
	four minutes to go in the game. The offense then chewed up the
	remaining time. A fifteen yard reception by Suwalski on fourth
	and ten put an end to the Indian uprising with 1:07 to go.

	The Knights proved that they can scratch and claw with a
	worthy opponent. They showed why they are the two-time
	defending champs. Coach Donnie and the mighty Knights are
	now battle-tested and ready to face off with North Hills in
	a battle of division leaders. That ought to be a great game.
	WEEK #6 - October 4, 2008                    @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 46 - Bethel Park (2) 6 

	Scoring Summary:

	Tonyea Curry 21 run (Louie Rotunda pass from Zach Spath)
	Zach Spath 20 pass from Tonyea Curry (Michael Ignasky run)
	Michael Ignasky 29 run (Louie Rotunda pass from Zach Spath)
	Michael Ignasky 2 run (Ricardo Burch pass from Zach Spath)
	Tonyea Curry 65 kickoff return (conversion failed)
	Michael Ignasky 60 run (Tonyea Curry pass from Zach Spath)

	Interception: Chris Noel

	NOTES: If one game could determine how good a team is, then
	after watching this performance, the older Knights would be
	considered a powerhouse. They would be feared by all and their
	exploits would be the stuff of legend. Well, reality is a bit
	more complicated, but never-the-less, our Knights put on quite
	a show against the helpless Hawks of Bethel Park.

	From the opening kickoff to the final horn, Brookline crushed
	the Hawks. There was no let up. The defense was like the Steel
	Curtain and the offense was Showtime. Total domination.

	Brookline scored on its first four possessions to take a 32-0
	halftime lead. Only the clock could stop the scoring parade.
	Even the second teamers were hot, holding back a late-game
	rally by the Hawks with a nice stand inside the ten yard line.

	Michael Ignasky ran for over 150 yards and Tonyea Curry pulled
	a hat trick, running for one touchdown, throwing for a second
	and returning a kickoff for a third. Curry added eighty yards
	receiving to round off a marvelous performance. Games like
	this are nice once in a while. Everyone gets to play. Everyone
	does well, and everyone goes home with a smile on their face.
	Everyone except the Hawks. Great game Knights!!!

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