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Week #6 - October 1, 2011

Brookline Knights

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	At 9:30 in the morning the rain began. The 8-Under JV game was
	about to start. It rained, and it rained, and it kept raining.
	As the rain fell so did the temperature, or maybe it just felt
	that way because after a while we were all soaked and cold. It
	was perfect football weather some say. Maybe so, but it seemed
	much more like a good day for ducks. I'd have rather been dry.
	The rain did stop, at 5:30pm, just as the 13-Under game ended.
	Remember the last home game, when the temperature hovered near
	90 degrees with a scorching sun. It's always football weather!
	October 1, 2011                              @ McGibbeny Field

	8-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	Brentwood 8 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Keshawn Harris 11 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: The Little Knights dropped another close one, this time
	to the Little Dukes of Brentwood, 8-6. The opening half was
	played to a scoreless tie. Brentwood threatened late in the
	half. A runner broke free and was stopped by Branndon Pezzelle
	near the goal line. The defense made a great goal line stand,
	preventing a Duke score.
The Knight defense held Brentwood out of
the endzone at the end of the first half.
It was an excellent goal line stand.
	The Knights went on a scoring march on their first possession
	of the second half. Keshawn Harris' eleven yard touchdown run
	put Brookline on top 6-0. The Knights held the lead until the
	three minute mark. A Duke back broke free and dashed forty
	yards for the tying score. A good conversion gave Brentwood
	all the edge they needed to start the morning with a victory.
The 8-Under 2011 JV Squad.
They are the youngest Knights.

	WEEK #6 - October 1, 2011                    @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 20 - Brentwood 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Antwain Carter 30 run (conversion failed)
	Jamyle Liebro 35 run (conversion failed)
	Mekhi Gay 55 run (Mekhi Gay run)

	Fumble Recovery: Antwain Carter, Brandon McGough

	NOTES: The eight-year olds made it two-in-a-row with a 20-0
	rout of the Brentwood Dukes. The two teams slogged it out in
	the mud pit for the first eight minutes, both trying to find
	their footing. Antwain Carter was the first to gain some
	traction. Carter's scoring run gave Brookline a 6-0 lead.
It was cold, but these Knights were hot.
Coach Bruce worked them hard at practice.
It showed. These Knights played strong.
	Near the end of the half, Brookline stopped the Dukes on
	fourth down and took over at the Brentwood thirty-five yard
	line. Only twenty-five seconds remained. Jamyle Liebro needed
	only one play. Liebro broke loose for a thirty-five yard
	touchdown run to increase the Knights advantage to 12-0.
Mekhi Gay powers his way into the
endzone for a two-point conversion
and a 20-0 Brookline Knights lead.
	At 7:45 of the third quarter, Mekhi Gay's fifty-five yard
	scoring dash and good conversion put the Knights safely in
	control with a twenty-point cushion. The defense continued
	their dominance, working hard to preserve the shutout.
BALL! Three Knights have their eyes focused on a
Brentwood fumble. Antwain Carter #21 recovered it.
Carter played a fine game on offense and defense.
	Fumble recoveries by Carter and Brandon McGough kept the Duke
	attack stuck in the mud. One Brentwood runner did threaten to
	spoil the effort. The Duke back broke free and scampered sixty
	yards towards the endzone. Visawn Pennix tracked him down and
	dropped him before any harm was done.
	WEEK #6 - October 1, 2011                    @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 7 - Brentwood 0 (forfiet)

	NOTE: In retrospect, it is good that we did not have to spend
	another two hours sloshing through the goo. It would have been
	nice to have seen Brookline's Nines win one the hard way, but
	under the circumstances we'll take a gimme. Thank you Dukes.
	Next week, Coach Mike's undefeated Knights will take on the
	Baldwin Breakers on the mud-free turf at Baldwin High School.
	WEEK #6 - October 1, 2011                    @ McGibbeny Field


	Brentwood 14 - BROOKLINE 0
	NOTES: Mud is the great equalizer. It can bring entire armies
	to a standstill and drop strong men to their knees. Today, mud
	was the word, and the Knights and Dukes swam ankle deep in it.
	Twenty-two kids went slip-sliding away in a game of football.
	They were on equal terms and the contest played out that way.
	Unfortunately, the Dukes were better at slithering their way
	into the endzone and slid away with a 14-0 win.
Shebazz Anderson #89 has a huge hole to run
through and is off on one of his long gains.
	The Dukes scored early on and clung to an 8-0 lead for three
	quarters. Shebazz Anderson churned out a couple long runs for
	the Knights, but the offense stalled each time. A twenty-two
	yard Brentwood touchdown run at 8:00 of the fourth quarter put
	the game out of reach. Despite the same old situation, this
	was the Knight's best effort yet. The team played good.
Down by only eight at halftime, the Knights
had high hopes that this might be their day.
It wasn't, but they did play a good game.

	WEEK #6 - October 1, 2011                    @ McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 36 - Brentwood 12

	Scoring Summary:

	Brent Ivory 2 run (Quran Powe run)
	Quran Powe 53 run (conversion failed)
	Quran Powe 57 run (Lamar Lewis run)
	Darryl Daniels 46 run (conversion failed)
	Darryl Daniels 59 run (Quran Powe run)

	Fumble Recovery: Lamar Lewis, Will Rupert (2), Dominic Emma,
	                 Dylan Hennel
Everyone was seeking shelter from the rain.
	NOTES: Coach Joe's Posse won their sixth straight against no
	defeats with a convincing 36-12 victory over the Brentwood
	Dukes. With only a couple minor glitches, Brookline's Mean
	Machine ran roughshod over the Dukes in the gurgling mud of
	McGibbeny Field. These Knights are fired up and mean business.

	Brookline scored on it's first drive. An eleven yard run by
	Darryl Daniels, followed by a forty yard reception by Lamar
	Lewis, positioned the Knights near the goal line. From there,
	Brent Ivory bulled his way into the endzone for a quick 8-0
	lead. Brentwood countered with a twenty-four yard touchdown
	run to narrow the gap to 8-6.
Brent Ivory scores Brookline's first
touchdown on a fourth down play.
	A sixty-five yard kickoff return by Quran Powe was nullified
	by a penalty. The ball was spotted on Brookline's forty-seven
	yard line. Not to be denied, Powe took the first handoff and
	sped fifty-three yards to give the Knights a 14-6 lead.

	Fine defensive play by Will Rupert and Khalil Weathers helped
	keep the Brentwood attack mired in the mud. This gave the
	Knight offense time to re-arm for a final first half burst.
	Powe struck for a second time with 1:39 left. His fifty-seven
	yard scoring run increased Brookline's lead to 22-6.
	Dominic Emma, who had some nice hits on defense, recovered a
	Brentwood fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Daniels quickly hit
	the afterburners, adding six more points with a forty-six yard
	touchdown chase. The score at halftime: Knights 28 - Dukes 6.

	Daniels struck again on the first play of the second half with
	another long run, this time measuring fifty-nine yards. That
	was the cue for the second teamers, who took over and played
	well. One highlight was a thirty-seven yard run by Christian
	Vollberg. The crowd cheered as Big Chris chugged downfield,
	churning through the mud and carrying a few Dukes with him.
The second team got a lot of playing time.
The mud was distributed evenly on this day.
The reserves, led by Jeremy Jenkins, did well.
	Backup quarterback Jeremy Jenkins did a good job leading the
	reserves and anchoring the defense from the safety position in
	the late stages of the game. Jenkins made a couple of nice open
	field tackles. Brentwood's final points came with 1:20 left.
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	WEEK #6 - October 1, 2011                    @ McGibbeny Field


	Carlynton 36 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Quinton Hill 23 pass from Taylor Thornton (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Bryan Benson, Quinton Hill, Thomas Wall
The elder Knights are really struggling.
Where's the team that played Bethel Park?
	NOTES: On a field that resembled permafrost after the spring
	thaw, the elder Knights fell prey to the Carlynton Cougars.
	The Knights were overwhelmed by the rabid cats in green and
	gold. Five touchdowns and a safety gave the Cougars a 36-0
	halftime lead. Brookline's Knights looked dazed and confused.

	The second half saw no improvement in the weather, but the
	Knights did show signs of life after disembowelment. Three
	fumble recoveries kept the ball in the mosh pit then refered
	to as Cougar territory. With four minutes to go, a Taylor
	Thornton pass made its way into the arms of Quintin Hill for
	a touchdown. At least the game ended on a positive note.
	As the fourth quarter of the last game wound down, one thought
	came to mind. Was I witnessing the end of an era? As they have
	for the last nineteen years, Joe and Lisa Nicholas were there,
	preparing to clean things up in the concession stand, round up
	all of the equipment, and take their family home after another
	long and successful weekend of Brookline Knights football. The
	realization that they really are retiring, and that this might
	be the last time I see them in this familiar role was slightly
	staggering. I had to go to the stand and get one last taste of
	Lisa's hot sausage sandwich. I've enjoyed them for many years.
	Now, with tears in my eyes I say to Joe and Lisa, "Thank You!"
Lisa and Joe Nicholas.

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