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Week #10 - November 3/4, 2012

First Round Playoffs

Brookline Knights

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	9-UNDER                                       @ Ross Elementary

	BROOKLINE 22 - Baldwin 8

	Scoring Summary:

	Jamyle Liebro 18 run (Visawn Pennix run)
	Eathan Parker 3 fumble recovery (Jamyle Liebro run)
	Jamyle Liebro 9 run (conversion failed)

	Fumble Recovery: Eathan Parker, Nicholas Ault, Antwain Carter

	NOTES: Brookline's Nines travelled to North Hills for the first
	round of the 2012 playoffs and came away with another big win
	over the Baldwin Breakers. With the temperature hovering in the
	high thirties, the Knights controlled the game with a strong
	defensive effort and a steady offensive performance.
Nathan Trainer runs onto the field
during the pre-game introductions.
	Baldwin won the coin toss and elected to receive. It was their
	high water mark. Brookline's defenders pushed them back twelve
	yards and forced a punt, setting the tone for rest of the game.
	Once the offense kicked into gear, the Breakers were doomed.

	Jamyle Liebro broke a scoreless tie midway through the second
	quarter with an eighteen yard touchdown run. Visawn Pennix aced
	the conversion for an 8-0 Brookline lead. With two minutes left
	to play in the half, the Knights forced Baldwin into a 4th and
	nine at their own sixteen yard line. The Breakers went for it.
Visawn Pennix scores on a two-point conversion.
	The defense surged forward. The runner was forced back thirteen
	yards and slammed hard. The ball came loose and hit the turf.
	Nose tackle Eathan Parker scooped it up and dashed into the
	endzone for a quick six. Liebro's conversion run increased the
	Knights advantage to 16-0 going into halftime.

	The third quarter saw both teams jockey for position near the
	Baldwin thirty-five yard line. At the mid-point of the fourth
	quarter, Brookline capitalized on a fumble recovery by Antwain
	Carter. A short drive, led by reserve quarterback Mekhi Gay,
	and a nine yard Liebro scoring run, put Brookline ahead 22-0.
Brookline's defense held the Breakers
to seven yards total offense.
	Baldwin got on the board with three minutes remaining in the
	game. A Breaker broke free and scampered forty-five yards to
	the Knights two yard line. Dylan Studer made a fine tackle to
	save the touchdown. On the next play, Baldwin burst forward for
	the final two yards and followed up with a good conversion to
	finish off the scoring. The Knights took possession and ran out
	the clock to claim a ticket to next week's Semi-Final round.

	Brookline's defense played a great game, holding the Breakers
	to only seven total yards on thirty-six rushing attempts. The
	Knights dropped Baldwin runners nineteen times behind the line.
	They also forced three turnovers that led to fourteen points.
Quarterback Grant Hamilton gets hit as he
launches a pass towards the endzone that
fell incomplete. Grant has done a great
job leading the Brookline offense.
	On offense, Brookline gained 130 total yards, 121 rushing and
	nine through the air. Jamyle Liebro topped all rushers with
	seventy-eight yards on eight carries, adding nine more on a
	pass reception. Other Knight runners included Visawn Pennix
	(6-19), Antwain Carter (6-9), Mekhi Gay (3-8), Brandon McGough
	(1-5) and Mark Connor (1-2).

	If there was a downside to the game, it was the five penalties
	that set the Knights back thirty yards. These mistakes stifled
	the offense at key moments in the game. From this point on,
	the difficulty level is on the rise. Next week's opponent will
	no doubt come to play. The Knights need to get focused and
	eliminate these nagging mental errors. With more hard work,
	the future looks bright for Coach Bruce and Brookline's Nines.
Weigh-Ins.    Zachary Cicco, Grant Hamilton,
Michael Falce and Derian Epps.

Coach Bruce and quarterback Grant Hamilton.    The Knights offense has steadily improved
since the beginning of the season.

Jamyle Liebro scored his fourteenth
touchdown of the season. A second
Liebro scoring run was called back
in the first quarter on a penalty.    Halftime instructions from Coach Dave.

The cheerleaders kept the Knights fans engaged
and cheered their team to another big victory.
The girls do a great job in their support role.    The offensive unit played a good game.


	10-UNDER                                      @ Ross Elementary

	BROOKLINE 24 - Southside 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Marques Watson 65 kickoff return (Mason Ventrone run)
	Dominic Leonard 11 run (Aidan Logan pass from Nick Roell)
	Mason Ventrone 7 run (Marques Watson run)

	Fumble Recovery: Dominic Leonard
	Interception: Nick Roell

	NOTES: Coach Donnie and Brookline's Wild Stallions increased
	their undefeated record to 9-0 with a first round knockout of
	the Southside Sabres. It was another command performance by the
	Knights. The score read 24-0 after forty minutes of regulation
	play, but this stampede was over after just eight minutes.
The opening kickoff. This game lasted all of eight
minutes before Southside threw in the towel.
	Marques Watson got things started by running the opening kick
	back sixty-five yards for a touchdown. This was followed at
	4:51 with an eleven yard scoring blast by Dominic Leonard.
	Mason Ventrone added the coup de grace at 2:23 with a seven
	yard endzone eruption. In a flash, the Knights had blitzed to
	a 24-0 lead and the Sabres were staggering under the onslaught. 
Dante Douglas has his eye on the QB.
	Facing further merciless abuse from the Knights defense and no
	prospect of stopping the Green and Black offensive juggernaut,
	the Sabres coach threw in the white towel. With two minutes to
	go in the first quarter, the clock was put on the fast track
	and the Knights second team took the field.
The Halftime Show. Go Girls!
	For the next thirty-two minutes, the Brookline reserves and the
	shell-shocked Sabres traded jabs near midfield. Dante Douglas
	and Demetri Bose clicked off some nice runs and, on the other
	side of the ball, the defense held firm. When the final buzzer
	sounded, the Southside crew left battered, bruised and cold.
Brookline's defense kept the Sabres
nose to the turf all day long.
	By the numbers, Brookline's offense gained eighty-two total
	yards, seventy of those in the first eight minutes. Marques
	Watson added another seventy-four on kick returns. Southside
	was held to two total yards over the course of forty minutes.
Mason Ventrone churns out some yardage.
	For Brookline's sturdy steeds, it's on to the Semi-Finals. They
	are red hot and ready to rumble. Fire and brimstone await their
	next opponent. Just one game stands between these Knights and a
	return trip to the Super Bowl. It's time to get serious.
Another Sabre down for the count.    The snap of the ball.

Brookline's defense is like the Steel Curtain.    Mason, Marques and J.B.

The defense held Southside to two total yards.    Brookline's talented cheerleaders. Like
their Knights, these girls are red hot.

Coach Don gives the play to Dante Douglas.    This is one monster team. These
wild horses are lean and mean.


	13-UNDER                                     @ Moon High School

	Moon 42 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Michael Allen

	NOTES: The seventh-seeded Brookline Knights travelled to Moon
	High School on a chilly autumn evening for a first round game
	against the second-seeded Moon Tigers. The Knights were beaten
	soundly, 42-0, by the bigger, stronger Tigers.

	Four minutes into the game, Moon had already built a 24-0 lead
	and they were just getting started. The score had ballooned to
	36-0 with two minutes to go in the half. The Tiger's blitz was
	highlighted by a long touchdown pass that was caught by Jerad
	Simmons, reaching behind himself with just one hand. Only the
	clock could stop the march of the Tigers. It sounded off with
	Moon on the Knights five yard line, poised for another score.
A fifty-two yard run by Quran Powe put Brookline
at the Moon fifteen yard line. This Knight advance
was the high water mark for the Brookline attack.
	With a running clock as an ally, the Knights reserve team took
	the field in the second half and played a quick four possession
	game against the Tiger subs. Taken as a separate contest, this
	game was evenly contested, although the outcome was the same.
	Brookline lost the consolation match by a score of 6-0.

	Backup quarterback Jeremy Jenkins brought life to the Knights
	bleacher section with a long pass, caught by a leaping Troy
	Bryant between two Tiger defenders. The bomb was good for a
	twenty-six yard gain. Jenkins finished the game two-for-two
	passing. His other completion was a screen to Ryan Hough.
	Michael Allen contributed a couple nice runs.
Moon's offense was unstoppable
in the first half. Their line was
big and their runners were swift.
	On defense, the second-teamers stopped Moon on their opening
	possession of the half with good tackles by Dylan Hennel and
	Justice Jones. It was the first, and only, time all evening
	that the Knights managed to stop the Tiger offense.

	This Game of Subs came down to the wire. Moon drove all the way
	to the Knights five yard line. Three plays later they were at
	the one. Good tackling by Hennel, Jones, Hough and Randy Roscoe
	kept the Tigers out of the endzone. On fourth down the Tigers
	managed to punch through the line, ending the scoring saga for
	the day. The final scores: Moon 36 - Brk 0, Moon 6 - Brk 0.
The Knights gather at the endzone
for the player introductions. Things
didn't work out so well this year,
but next season should be better.
	The playoff loss marked the end of a disappointing season for
	Coach Joe and his Knights. After the excitement of last year's
	eleven-year old Super Bowl championship, the 2012 season was a
	difficult campaign. Accustomed to winning, the team finished
	with five consecutive defeats. However, if one chooses to look
	at the bright side: with a strong core of returning players,
	next year could signal a return to those winning ways.

	Halftime featured the final performance of Brookline's talented
	cheerleaders. Under the direction of Coach Nicole Nicholas, the
	girls practiced and worked hard all season. They did a great
	job keeping the fans engaged with their spirited cheers, and
	their dance routines were always well done and enjoyable.
The last performance for Brookline's Cheerleaders.
They did a great job all season long. Go Girls!    The Last Charge of the Brookline's Knights.

The Knights raise their helmets during the
singing of the National Anthem in honor
of C.J. Miller's mother, who passed away
in October. May she rest in peace.    Coach Joe and quarterback Brent Ivory. This
was a difficult year for Brent, but this kid
is a winner. His best years are ahead of him.
Not only is Brent a fine athlete, he's a good
person. As for Coach Joe Nicholas, he is a
proven winner and a mentor to so many of his
Knights during his twenty years as a coach.

The Brookline sideline. It was a cold evening.    Jacob Graham and Joey Grimes.
Helmets on and ready to go.

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